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Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah: Poet of romance and revolt

Published on : 16 October 2018, 08:14 AM
Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah: Poet of romance and revolt
Poetry and revolt were simultaneously mixed with his concern. He is intensely involved in every stage of literature encompassing poetry, stories, essays and music. But he was noted for his revolutionary and romantic poetry. He participated in every movement of the country from 75 to 90. He is considered one of the leading Bengali poets of the 1970s. He is none other than Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah. Today marks his 62nd birth anniversary. On this day of 1956, he was born to Shiria Begum and Sheikh Waliullah in Barisal.

Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah passed his SSC from Dhaka West End School, HSC from Dhaka College and passed BA Honors (Bengali) in 1980 and MA in 1983 from Dhaka University.

This poet was apathetic towards life and loved to play with it but he was very serious and fervent about his poetry. He was able to attract the attention of readers quickly through his two poetry- Upodruto Upokul and Firey Chai Swarno Gram that were published in his student life. Both of these works brought him fame. His observation of culture of his time got reflected perfectly in those poetries. In his poem, the desire for establishing a discrimination free society has been reflected too. As a result, he became known as a powerful poet in the seventies. The frustration, narrowness, power conflict and life struggle originated because of the unrest of the then contemporary society. Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah is a history conscious poet. Bangladesh`s great liberation war, patriotism, mass movement, secularism, and non-communalism are strongly present in his poetry. Besides, he was vocal against dictatorship and extremists. He was one of the poets who made the poetry recitation popular among the readers. Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah wrote seven poetry books, several stories, plays and composed more than 50 songs including his signature `Valo Achi Valo Theko` in his 34 years of short life.

Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah received `Munir Chaudhury Memorial Award` in 1980 for his outstanding contribution in litereture. He died on 21 June 1991 in Dhaka.
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