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Sinha in trouble for his book

Published on : 02 October 2018, 10:58 PM
Sinha in trouble for his book


Former Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has recently launched his book “A Broken Dream: Rule of Law, Human Rights and Democracy”. The former chief justice sought political asylum in the United States in a speech during the launching ceremony which was held at the National Press Club in Washington DC on Saturday. But Sinha has been in distress for his own book. Even his political asylum in the United States has been questioned.

There are a number of conditions to be met in order to obtain political asylum in the United States. If the asylum seeker is in danger due to political reasons in his home country, if he is forced to flee or escape, if his life is in danger then he/ she will be considered to get the political asylum. The biggest thing is that if he is on the side of democracy and human rights in political terms, he will get refuge in the United States. But the United States got inconsistency while collecting information about Sinha.

According to the rules, if a person asks for political asylum, the US authority sends letters to the US embassy in the person`s respective country. The notice asked about the political position of the specific person in his/ her home country. It is learned that the US administration came to know that Justice Sinha was not associated with any political party. So it is difficult for him to be considered political asylum in the United States. The US administration also learned about the allegations of corruption against Justice Sinha.

Barrister Nazmul Huda filed a lawsuit against Surendra Kumar Sinha for corruption and misuse of power. Although he filed the case on September 27 at the Shahbag Police Station but it was published on Monday. Since the case was filed by Nazmul Huda, it took special importance. Nazmul Huda, one of the most eminent politician lawyers who is affiliated with the US. He is one of the panel lawyers of the US Embassy in Bangladesh. Barrister Nazmul Huda often called for legal issues related to US interests in Bangladesh. Analysts think that through his case against Sinha, the US attitude towards the former chief justice has been very much revealed.

Besides, there is a campaign in the diplomatic arena that the people of Bangladesh are very interested about Surendra Kumar Sinha. However, many sources say that the US authority found that Sinha is not an respected person to Bangladeshis. Even in the book launching ceremony of Sinha`s book in the United States, only 12 people were present.

Current US government policy regarding immigrants is very strict. The current US President Donald Trump`s policy is to discourage immigration expectations in the United States in any way. Recently a bill to reduce the benefits of green card holders has been raised in the United States Congress.

In such a situation, the hope of political asylum of Sinha in the United States is gradually becoming uncertain. Diplomatic analysts believe that Sinha`s book plays a big role in not getting refuge in the United States. Some writings of the book show the link between the allegations raised against Sinha. In a part of the book Sinha wrote, his brothers (other judges) refused to sit on the same bench. The United States thinks that the judiciary is more concerned over Sinha`s issue than the government. Besides, the US administration is also investigating according to the information mentioned in the book. In the US investigation, it seems that earlier history of Sinha before becoming the chief justice is not free from sloppiness. Many allegations have been raised against Sinha throughout his career.

Chief of Army Staff during 1/11 Moeen U Ahmed is currently living in the US under political asylum. But the United States does not have any major evidence of his political involvement. He even wrote a book in the context that he did not publish. That`s why the US did not create any problem with his political asylum in the United States.

Meanwhile, those who instigated Sinha to write book, are not at his side now. According to political analysts, Dr. Kamal Hossain, Dr. Muhammad Yunus and two editors of country`s two leading newspapers are considered as Sinha`s instigator. But they are not yet publicly seen to speak for Sinha. They have not done anything visible in support of Sinha and his book.

In all cases, one thing is clear that securing the political asylum in the US is not easy for Surendra Kumar Sinha. Before giving Sinha political asylum, the US has to have the answers related to his controversial past and present.


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