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Rohingya persecution by Myanmar: Int`l pressure mounting

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Published on : 22 September 2018, 08:07 AM
Rohingya persecution by Myanmar: Int`l pressure mounting

A proposal recognizing the military operation conducted by the Myanmar army on the Rohingya as ’genocide’ has been made in the Canadian parliament. This unanimously adopted proposal urged the UN Security Council to mention the International Criminal Court about this barbaric attack.

The conclusion of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on anti-humanitarian crimes conducted by Myanmar`s military forces on Rohingya population has also beeen approved in the parliament.

Meanwhile, UK foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said that if Myanmar cannot bring people responsible for Rohingya persecution under justice, then the international community will have to take initiative to ensure their trial through the International Criminal Court-ICC. Since the ICC requires the ratification of the Security Council to prosecute a non-member party, then there should be consideration for the punishment of those responsible.

International media has said that the UK is going to take steps to bring the people responsible for violence, genocide and crimes against humanity committed against Rohingya under justice, just as the country has taken an initiative to investigate war crimes in Syria.

Prosecutor of International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda said that she is going to start a preliminary investigation of Myanmar`s persecution against Rohingya population. In an appeal filed by Bensouda, the ICC said that investigation of the Rohingya repression can be started. In that context, Bensouda is now going to start an official investigation. Since Myanmar is not a member of the ICC, they are not willing to take up the legal process involving Myanmar about Rohingyas.

Meanwhile, the United States has imposed a ban on three army officers, two army brigades and one border police officer for conducting torture, repression, and carnage against the Rohingya.

On Thursday (September 20th), the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jeremy Hunt said about the UN Security Council`s support which the ICC most probably could not get it. Because the country thinks China will give veto against the resolution raised against Myanmar in the Security Council. British activists demanding Myanmar`s trial think Hunt should continue to campaign demanding convicted army officials` trial. This will make the voting of the Security Council a minor issue. Myanmar will become cornered if the international support comes in favor of the Rohingya`.

After the attacks on some security check posts of Rakhine state on August 25, 2017, the Myanmar army strengthened the pre-planned and structured violence against Rohingya Muslims in the name anti terrorism campaign. Murder, rape and the crimes against humanity are being carried out consistently. In such a situation, more than seven and a half lac Rohingyas have fled from the Rakhine state of Myanmar to Bangladesh to escape killing and persecution.

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