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UN suggests BNP to participate in polls

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Published on : 14 September 2018, 06:09 PM
UN suggests BNP to participate in polls

The UN Assistant Secretary-General for political affairs Miroslav Jenča advised Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir to participate in the polls. The meeting that lasted for an hour started at 8 pm yesterday (Thursday) at the United Nations headquarters situated in New York. In addition to the BNP Secretary General, Tabith Awal and Humayun Kabir were also present in the meeting with UN Assistant Secretary-General. However, at one point of the meeting, Jenča wants to have a personal discussion with Mirza Fakhrul. Then Tabith and Humayun Kabir left the spot. After the meeting, there was no official statement from the United Nations. And the BNP secretary general said that they discussed about the issues such as Bangladesh`s upcoming elections, human rights and Rohingya situation.

However, BNP secretary general told his lawyers in Dhaka that the United Nations suggested BNP to join the next parliamentary elections. Jenča said we would have nothing to do if you boycott the elections. The United Nations observering team will go there only if your party participates. BNP secretary general also talks about the release of BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia and recent mass arrests that plagued through the party. Mirza Fakhrul complained that the people of the opposition party are being arrested with false cases. Jenča assured Fakhrul that he would inform UN Secretary General about the matter. But he said, "The present government has done historic duty by providing shelter to the Rohingya. That is why the United Nations wants to adopt a flexible policy on Bangladesh." The Assistant Secretary-General asked Fakhrul about BNP`s position over this issue. Mirza Fakhrul said, "We have no ideological difference over the Rohingya issue." The related sources said, after highlighting the government success in achieving Millennium Development Goals-MDG and Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs, Jenča asked, "The government is doing well in human development. What is your statement about this?" In response, Mirza Fakhrul admitted that "In some cases Bangladesh has achieved remarkable success" but commented that the corruption and the human rights situations have severely deteriorated in the country.

The sources also confirmed, Jenča wanted to know about BNP`s position in the elections. At this time, the BNP Secretary-General gave the 5-point proposal to Jenča. The 5-point proposal includes the points such as forming a non-party neutral caretaker government, reorganizing the Election Commission, deploying the army in the elections, etc. The Assistant Secretary General said, "You should talk about these demands among yourselves. However, we think you should go to the polls. If you go to the polls, the observers can look into the allegations conveyed. `

BNP secretary general said, "Participating in the polls is becoming difficult for us. We need to have minimum achievements before going to the polls." The assistant secretary general assured Mirza Fakhrul that when the government representatives will come to attend the UN General Assembly, he would discuss the matter with them.

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