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Begum Zia threatens to jail prison officials

Published on : 13 September 2018, 06:17 PM
Begum Zia threatens to jail prison officials


Begum Khaleda Zia became angry inside the jail. She abused the jail officials and prison guards after getting angry. She said, `I`ll see all of you. I`ll send you to jail.` This incident took place in the old central jail at Nazimuddin road this morning. Begum Zia has been imprisoned since February 8.

Today morning, the deputy officer of the prison and some other prison officials went to Khaleda Zia. It was hearing of Zia Charitable Trust corruption case. Recently, the government issued a gazette notification to transfer the court from Alia Madrasa to the old central jail of Nazimuddin Road. Begum Khaleda Zia, the main accused of the Zia Charitable corruption case is no longer attending the hearing. The proceedings of the case had remained inactive for the past seven months. Since Begum Zia did not agree to come to court, the Law Ministry changed the court`s location last week considering her illness. On the first day, Begum Zia was brought to the court on a wheelchair. At that time Begum Zia said, `No matter whatever verdict the court gives, I will not come to the court.` The court adjourned that day as the lawyers of Khaleda did not come. Then the lawyers of Begum Zia complained to the Chief Justice about the transfer of court in the old central jail of Nazimuddin road. Chief Justice assured of looking over this matter. Yesterday, on Wednesday, Akhtaruzzaman`s special court again sat on the old central jail where Khaleda Zia did not attend. Prison officials told her to go to the court, however, she said she would not go to court despite the fact that the court has already been set up beside her prison room. On Wednesday, she told to the jail authorities that she was not feeling well.

Today`s health tests showed that she was healthy. Then the deputy jailer brought her a wheelchair to escort her to court. Then Begum Zia got excited.

A prison official said, `According to the jail code, we could force her to go to court. But we did not do so by showing respect to her. We were directed to present her before the court. This is the warrant. Without being disabled or having sickness issue, disobeying the court order is contempt of court." He said, "She has abused us."

According to the sources, the trial of the Zia Charitable corruption case is in the final stage. If she is sentenced in this case, her last hope getting released will be lost. From this point of view, Begum Zia showed her illness as the cause not to attend the court. She wants to avoid the trial of the court.

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