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National unity stumbling before starting journey

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Published on : 12 September 2018, 08:30 PM
National unity stumbling before starting journey

A crisis seems to be rising in the starting phase of the national unity process over the leadership question. The United Front wants to give the leadership to Professor Dr. Badruddoza Chowdhury. Although Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh leader publicly said that he does not want to lead the national unity. On the other hand, Gano Forum, civil society and foreign embassies want to give the leadership to Dr. Kamal Hossain. But Nagorik Oikyo leader Mahmudur Rahman Manna, one of the partners of the United Front, said clearly that he would not accept Dr. Kamal`s leadership. Meanwhile, distrust and uncertainty have intensified in the national unity process because of the sudden US visit of BNP secretary general. One leader of United Front said, "I have had discussion with Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir last night. He said he wanted to meet him within a few days. But he did not mention that he would go to the US at night." The leaders of the Gano Forum also got surprised at the incident. One of the leaders of the Forum said, "How can you form unity with someone you can’t trust?"

Before the formation of national unity, polarization has developed within the proposed alliance. Mahi B. Chowdhury, one of the United Front leaders, is considered as an Awami League agent. The news of his connection with Awami League is heard in the political arena. Another United Front leader Mahmudur Rahman Manna was considered a BNP representative in the United Front. He is most interested in the unity with BNP. Even he has interest to form unity along with Jamaat. In the United Front meeting, Manna strongly said, "We have to take BNP otherwise we will not be able to do anything." Another partner of the United Front ASM AbdurRab remains inactive because there is no progress in the unity process. However many United Front Leaders say that Rab became discontent after lagging behind in the leadership race. Despite being interested in national unity, BNP leaders have also expressed dissatisfaction publicly over the big conditions of the small parties. BNP leaders expressed anger over Kamal Hossain`s press conference held in the National Press Club last Tuesday. Barrister Moudud Ahmed, a member of the BNP standing committee, said, "Why did he bring Jamaat in discussion of national unity? Who said the Jamaat will be in the national unity process?"

National unity has not started yet. But the leaders of the process already have developed disbelief, leadership contradiction and huff. The process of unity is stumbling before the journey. An influential leader of BNP said, "This unity process is getting destroyed at its very beginning because of the arrogance of its two founders."