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When order in sacrifice to be followed?

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Published on : 21 August 2018, 10:03 PM
When order in sacrifice to be followed?

In addition to the Muslim countries, Eid al-Adha is celebrated at different parts of the world. This religious festival is performed by devoted Muslims through Eid prayers and animal sacrifices.

Though hundreds of millions of Muslim devotees from all parts of the world celebrate this Eid of sacrifice, but it varies across different countries. In some countries this ritual is performed in the mosques and in some countries slaughterhouse is used for the sacrifice of the animals.

In Saudi Arabia, sacrifice is performed through the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) by paying the certain price. A part of the Hajj pilgrims sacrifices the animals by themselves. But there is no rule of sacrificing animals except the determined places.

In the Middle Eastern countries, sacrifices are made at the certain places. In Indonesia, Malaysia and other Asian countries sacrifices are completed in slaughterhouses, mosques, or in certain places.

Ritual slaughteslau is practiced in a regulated way in the Western countries. In most countries, the monetary value of the animals is deposited in banks in many European countries. After that, on the scheduled day meats are sent to the respective houses.

Although there is a difference in the manner of sacrifice in the different parts of the world, rules and regulations are followed in almost all the countries. In this case, Bangladesh is the only exception.

In almost every area of the country animals are slaughtered disorderly. And this mismanagement create disorder and unpleasant conditions.

After becoming the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation in 2015, Annisul Huq took several initiatives on ritual sacrifice. The important things among his initiatives are determining the scheduled places for animal sacrifice, determining the location based area for animal slaughtslaug, supplying free yellow bags for collecting the wastes of sacrificed animals and the raising awareness about sacrificing rules to. Mayor Annisul Huq also took initiative for quick removal of the animal wastwa and thus preventing environmental degradation.

Our misfortune is that we have lost our mayor and his initiatives as well. Campaign on animal sacrifice system is no longer seen.

Some of the initiatives have been taken by the North and South City Corporations of Dhaka. Efforts have been taken to clean the wastes of the sacrifices. It is known that 5,200 cleanliness workers will work in the capital. Apart from this, more initiatives have been taken. Although cattle selling points were said to be installed at the specific places, they were still seen almost everywhere in the city. Many think that these initiatives have been scattered due to lack of proper campaigning. After all this, the question of the conscious people--when the order in ritual animal sacrifice will followed?--remains unanswered.