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`Different Eid for them`

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Published on : 21 August 2018, 08:37 PM
`Different Eid for them`

An important government minister was angry at a senior officer of his ministry for some reason. He was repeatedly complaining to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina against the officer. He said that the officer has many bad qualities and he should not be kept in the ministry. On the first day, the Prime Minister did not say anything about this. Even in second time the Prime Minister remained silent. But when the minister complained for third time, the Prime Minister said, he (the complaining minister) is wrong, the accused officer lives a very simple life and the charges against him are not true. It was known, the Prime Minister did not make any decision after hearing the minister`s accusation. She inquired about the officer.  She came to know the real condition of the officer.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is like this. She has more information than others. She has knowledge over several issues. After the release of the imprisoned students of the quota reform movement and safe roads movement before Eid, this has been proved once again.

Police arrested 99 people in 51 cases in connection with clashes, vandalism, provocations and creating interruption in police work during the safe roads movement. 52 of them were students. Earlier, some students were arrested at different times after the quota reform movement. The news of the bail granted to the students was being heard for the last few days. And according to the latest news, 45 of the 52 students have been granted bail. And among the 22 students arrested during the safe roads movement, 21 people were granted bail. The remaining students could not get the bail due to not applying bail application properly. According to the court sources, most of the arrested students including Rashed, one of the leaders of the quota movement, got the bail. Some people did not get the bail due to not applying properly. Even actress Kazi Naushaba who has been arrested in the case of Information Technology Act for spreading rumors during the safe roads movement also got the bail. The court granted her bail today (Tuesday).

In the last few days, an unprecedented view is seen in the main gate of Dhaka Central Jail in Keraniganj. The students are being released from the jail immediatimm after their bail order reached the jail authority. Many parents became emotional after getting back their children.

The close sources said that the Prime Minister inquired about the arrested students. She contacted with their families as well. Later, Law Minister Anisul Huq was directed on this issue. The Prime Minister said, no matter what the charges against the students are, they have to get the bail before the Eid on humanitarian reasons. The implementation of the directive of the Prime Minister was seen in the last few days.

After being arrested, the students could not think of getting the release before the Eid. But everyone will be free to celebrate Eid with the family. And for those who are returning to the families this way, this Eid is really different for them. The joy of Eid is more than that for them.

According to analysts, punishment was necessary for the events like spreading rumors, vandalism, provocation and creating prevention of police work. However, it is also not desirable for the students to stay in the prisons that separated them from the family at the time of this auspicious occasion. The generosity of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina brought the joy of Eid back to these students. And it is an expectation of everyone, they would fwwl the generosity of the Prime Minister and return to a normal life in future.