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AL active to persuade young voters

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Published on : 17 August 2018, 10:00 PM
AL active to persuade young voters

The eleventh parliamentary elections will be held at the end of this year. Young voters are being considered as the biggest factor in these elections. Voters aged between 18 to 25 years are considered to have a big impact on the election results. And the ruling party Awami League always believed that they are at the top of the choice of the young voters of the country. Most of the young voters have been attracted to the Awami League because of the implementation of the Digital Bangladesh, revival of the Liberation War consciousness, Ganajagaran Mancha, and the trial of war criminals. The young voters have had a kind of hatred towards BNP then. But suddenly, the situation started to change.

International research organization, Centre for Research and Information-CRI and Awami League`s own research have found that there have been some changes among the youths after the recent safe roads movement and the previous quota reform movement. Young voters are losing interest on Awami League now. The research found that young people are losing confidence quickly. And Facebook, Twitter, and various social media have been mentioned as the main reason for such change in the mindset of the country’s young people. Young people are confused with rumors and propagandas in social media. From these beliefs, they have formed a negative attitude towards the Awami League government.

During the quota reform movements, it has been seen that rampage has been carried out in the Dhaka University area by spreading the rumors that one student has been killed. Various false rumors have been circulated to instigate students across the country. Rumors of murders and arrests have been spread where none of these actually happened. Again the safe roads movement was started by the students initially but later the conspirators tried to divert it as a political movement.

As part of this, the rumors have been spread over Awami League`s Dhanmondi office in the social media. Attacks were carried out on the Awami League`s office. As a result, there were repeated clashes in the City College and Dhanmondi areas. In this way, to mislead the young people, social media is being used repeatedly.

Awami League has taken initiative so that rumors and propagandas cannot mislead young people. The plan has been taken to counter rumors and highlight the true facts in social media including Facebook. Awami League wants to highlight the true facts to the youth. A special team has been formed for this purpose.

According to Awami League sources, the special team members are well experienced in information technology. They will provide regular postings to highlight true facts in social media including Facebook. The team will work to tell the real facts of the particular event. The special team will also work to remove all kinds of misunderstanding of the youth. Awami League special team will raise true facts whenever they face rumors or false reports.

Experts say that the youths get easily confused with the lies and rumors of social media. So, the initiative to introduce truth and true facts is very timely. As a result of this initiative, the confusion among teenage youths will be eliminated, similarly young voters will turn back to Awami League. And all the conspiracies to destabilize the country by spreading lies, rumors and propaganda will stop, believe Awami League policy makers.

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