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Khaleda wants Dr. Kamal as her lawyer

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Published on : 10 August 2018, 06:16 PM
Khaleda wants Dr. Kamal as her lawyer
Begum Zia asked, "The court ordered to take Shahidul Alam to the hospital. But I cannot go to the hospital. My lawyers are not doing anything for me. I instructed to make Dr. Kamal my lawyer but they are not doing it too." An agitated Begum Zia made this comment to a deputy jailer in prison yesterday. This information has been obtained from the prison sources.

As per the news of the prison, currently Begum Zia wanted to know the news of the outside world from the prison guards, nurses, doctors and prison officials. She wanted to know about the recent students` movement. She was quite disappointed to hear that the movement was over. She asked many how the movement ended. She wanted to know details about the persons arrested and if anyone was killed. Meanwhile, a prison guard told her about the arrest of Shahidul Alam. Begum Zia did not know Shahidul Alam. At first, she wanted to know who Shahidul Alam is. Later a deputy jailer told him about Shahidul Alam. After knowing that Dr. Kamal Hossain went to the High Court for him, Begum Zia became interested on learning about the court`s decision on this matter. She came to know after reading today`s newspaper that the High Court ordered to take Shahidul Alam to the hospital immediately. After reading this news Begum Zia became a little angry. She asked a deputy jailer who came to see Begum Zia in the morning that Shahidul Alam was taken to the hospital for treatment, but I`m not being taken. What is my crime? The officer told about the court order to take Shahidul Alam to the hospital. It is mandatory for everyone to obey the court`s decision. Your lawyers could also ask for such court directions. But they did not seek such directions in the court. Begum Zia also acknowledged that her lawyers could not perform due duties. "They just do the publicity." At that moment a prisonguard wanted to know, "Why did she (Begum Zia) not take Dr. Kamal as her lawyer?" In response, Begum Zia said, `I want to take him (Dr. Kamal) but the people of the party do not want him.`

It may be mentioned that Begum Zia has been in prison since February 8 after being convicted in the Zia Orphanage Trust corruption case. BNP Chairperson, who is now imprisoned in the old prison on Nazimuddin Road for more than 6 months, wanted to go to United Hospital for better treatment more than once. But the government wanted to take her to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University or Combined Military Hospital for treatment but she refused to go there. The government formed one medical board comprising doctors of Dhaka Medical College and another expert team comprising the doctors of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University for her treatment. Besides, a medical board formed by Begum Zia`s chosen doctors went to jail and examined her health. While refusing to take treatment at the hospital, Begum Zia is being treated regularly by the prison doctors. The prison authorities said that she has sound health.

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