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BNP to accept Dr. Kamal`s leadership?

Published on : 09 August 2018, 08:03 PM
BNP to accept Dr. Kamal`s leadership?

Some of the donor countries including the United States gave five suggestions to BNP. If these five suggestions are to be accepted by BNP, then donors are likely to support their demand for a free and fair election. For the free, fair and neutral elections, the donors will stand beside BNP. Some senior officials of the US Embassy presented these five suggestions to some high-level representatives of BNP. BNP delegates, however, said that they would make a decision after discussing in the party forum.

According to the sources, the main advice of the five suggestions is the formation of a greater coalition led by Dr. Kamal Hossain and involvement of BNP in that alliance.

The second suggestion of the US Embassy is to form new coalition by postponing the 20-party alliance`s activities with the exclusion of Jamaat.

Leaving at least one hundred and fifty seats for the new coalition partners in the next parliamentary elections is another provision. And it should reflect the formulation of a unified election manifesto in regard of establishing good governance and against corruption.

To settle the release issue of Begum Zia through court, not by bringing this issue with the political or election issues.

And to keep Tarique Zia away from mainstream politics for now.

Several sources of BNP and diplomatic arena confirmed that on Wednesday BNP standing committee member Dr. Moyeen Khan has had a long meeting with the two senior officials of the US embassy. In this meeting, it has been urged to form an all-party platform against the government for the next election. According to the sources, the US embassy has been talking to different parties in the last six months so that the next election becomes participatory. In response to these discussions, the US Embassy has made this proposal.

According to sources, if all parties participate in the national elections, incidents like rigging and occupying the poling centers would stop. The US Embassy thinks that if all the parties decide to participate, the Election Commission will come in its real form. And the unity of the opposition is needed at first for holding discussions with the government about various issues related to the elections. The United States thinks that the free and fair elections are a demand of all the political parties, but Jamaat is the big obstacle in this regard. The US Embassy thinks that due to the partnership with Jamaat, liberal democratic parties feel uncomfortable in forming a unity with BNP.

According to sources, several `popular` leaders, including Dr. Kamal Hossain, Prof. Badruddoza Chowdhury told the representatives of the US embassy that they agreed to form a coalition with BNP only after the party comes out from its bondage with Jamaat. However, representatives of a number of civil societies said to the US embassy that BNP should not be in the leadership of such a coalition. If the coalition is formed under the leadership of BNP then there will be no improvement in good governance and democratic leadership. The civil society representatives gave their opinion on establishing new leadership out of Awami League and BNP for the time being.

The US embassy, however, thinks that one of the conditions for free and fair elections is that BNP`s positive decision about the elections. According to sources, BNP has a negative attitude over B. Chowdhury`s leadership, and therefore, BNP is positive to accept the leadership of Dr. Kamal.

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