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Tarique`s own team in Dhaka

Published on : 09 August 2018, 06:03 PM
Tarique`s own team in Dhaka


At least two thousand armed cadres of Tarique Zia are active in Dhaka. They were quick to lead the students` safe roads movement in a different direction. They are still active in Dhaka to create greater sabotage and disorder in Dhaka. Outside these armed cadres, Tarique Zia`s own team is spreading rumors on social media and working to instigate common people against the government. Some of them are active within the country when others are operating from abroad. The intelligence agency sources confirmed that Tarique Zia is the master of the drama in promoting recent incidents. Now the intelligence agencies are working to identify Tarique Zia`s own cadres. An intelligence source said that some of them were arrested.

Tarique Zia, the acting chairman of BNP, is absconding in London, has formed his own force to hatch a conspiracy against the government and the state. Intelligence sources said that Tarique could not rely on BNP. His notion is, many top BNP leaders have smuggled information to the government. Besides, Tarique believes BNP men`s involvement will question the party and jeopardize BNP`s role in the national and international platforms. This team comprises young people who are very skilled in information and technology. Tempting them with different things, students of public and private universities were recruited into this team. Tarique Zia`s team is divided into several groups. All groups work individually, there is no connection among these groups. Its aim is to instigate students and people against the government and embarrass the government by spreading rumors and carry out sabotage. If any issue is made, then it is to be used against the government.

Intelligence sources are saying the newly launched quota reform movement was designed by Tarique. His team organized the movement again. These men are using social media including Facebook to promote the movement. According to the intelligence reports, this team also worked to steer the students` movement in a different direction. Some of his businessmen are paying for managing this team. Businessmen who have a low profile in the political arena have been picked up by Tarique to fund this team. These businessmen have close ties with the government. As a result, nobody will easily suspect them. Intelligence sources found out that they identified some of these businessmen. Not just the armed cadres, skilled ICT persons, and businessmen and also a fraction of the civil society are linked with this plan. Dr. Kamal Hossain is reportedly being used by Tarique. Sources said Dr. Kamal Hossain`s son-in-law David Bergman is working on behalf of Tarique to incite a section of civil society against the government. Bergman has good communication with the country`s intellectuals. Intelligence said Tarique’s network has been identified. Now the mission is to identify those who are connected to this network and take legal action against them.

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