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Begum Zia blaming both son and party

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Published on : 08 August 2018, 10:00 PM
Begum Zia blaming both son and party
BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia`s imprisonment completes sixth  month in jail. On February 8, the court gave Begum Khaleda Zia rigorous five years imprisonment in the Zia orphanage corruption case. On that day, Begum Zia was taken to the old Dhaka Central Jail in Nazimuddin Road, Old Dhaka. Today, on August 8, six months have passed of her prison life.

On the day when Begum Zia went to jail, she had a sweet smile on her face. She was very confident that she would not be in jail for too long. BNP Chairperson thought it was just a matter of time for her to get out of the jail. Six months ago, on 8 February, her relatives were crying while she was leaving her house for court. Then, Begum Zia soothed them saying politics is like this. She also promised she would return very soon. At that time, Begum Zia did not think she would be in jail for six long months. But now the situation seems different. Now, Begum Zia does not know how long she will be in jail. She spent last Eid in prison. It is also certain that she would pass this Eid in prison too. Still, her bail in three cases is pending. As days go by, Begum Zia is getting more depressed.

Early in the prison, Khaleda Zia used to read newspapers and watch television. But now she does not seem to show any interest in magazine or on TV. She spends her time talking to the prison guards and her domestic help Fatima. Through the prison guards and Fatima, this news was confirmed. Khaleda Zia blames her eldest son Tarique Zia and BNP for her fate.

Khaleda Zia went to London in July last year. In October, the Court issued an arrest warrant against her in the four cases of Dhaka and Cumilla. Begum Zia did not want to return to the country then. But she had to return to the country because of her eldest son Tarique Zia and other party workers’ insistence . After that, Begum Zia was imprisoned eventually. For this reason, Begum Zia is angry at her son and the party.
Besides, while being imprisoned, Khaleda thought that BNP would start a big movement because of her imprisonment. But now she has discovered that the party has not started any such movement for her release, moreover, they hardly talk about her release nowadays. Only her relatives, brothers and sisters come to see her in jail, now no other person can be found to show any interest in her.

Begum Zia is angry at her lawyers too. She thinks that the lawyers are not taking any initiative for her release despite the fact that she is the head of an influential political party. She cannot accept the reality.

In the present situation, Khaleda thinks that a plot of politics has been arranged without her. Her release seems to be uncertain because of this plot. Therefore, Begum Zia is passing her life in uncertainty in the prison.

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