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Plot to bring Dhaka to a halt in October

Published on : 08 August 2018, 06:42 PM
Plot to bring Dhaka to a halt in October


BNP plans to bring Dhaka to a standstill in October. The party has begun preparing for the all-party movement against the government with the minimum demand. Senior leaders of the party have claimed that BNP has learned a lot from the recent quota and students` movements. Now BNP`s movement will be Dhaka-centric. BNP is preparing the strategy of the movement centering Dhaka. A senior BNP leader said, "The situation that Awami League created in October 2006—BNP will create a similar situation on the streets of Dhaka." According to him, "The tactics of movement are coming from London." Another BNP leader said the two recent movements exposed the weaknesses of Awami League and the government." When asked about the weaknesses, the BNP Standing Committee member said, "Awami League is organizationally weak. The government completely relies upon the administration and the police. The confidence of the leaders is declining." BNP leaders believe the dissatisfaction of the general mass is rising. BNP has seen the anger of the people in recent developments reflected in the recent movements. The leaders said, “It has made them confident. "

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, a member of the BNP`s Standing Committee, believes, "The government is getting isolated from the people. Now is the good time for the movement."

Sources in BNP have confirmed that violent movement of BNP will be visible soon, although BNP often talks about peaceful movement. Tarique Zia instructed his party leaders and workers to prepare themselves to destabilize the city. BNP has also talked about the all-round movement in its meeting. In the recent meeting with the district secretaries and general secretaries, there has been a demand for Dhaka centric violence and all-round movement. Among the groups who were in favor of peaceful movements in the party, after the two successive students’ movements became optimistic. BNP standing committee member Nazrul Islam Khan claimed, "The situation of 2014 and the current situation are not the same. The foundation of the government has weakened. The government does not have the power to deal with a big movement." However, Nazrul Islam Khan did not clearly state what the nature of the movement will be like.

Sources in BNP said the main goal of BNP is to take control over the streets and bring the Dhaka city to a halt. And the kind of programs the party will announce is getting finalized in London. A source in BNP said, before the final movement, they want to add more parties outside the 20-party to this movement. BNP wants to see a simultaneous movement if it fails to form a coalition. In the meeting with the diplomats yesterday, the BNP secretary general stressed on the movement. A BNP leader said, `Wait and see. We`ll show you what we can do. We have no other choices. Now we must go to the movement for our very existence."

But what does BNP want to achieve from this movement? There are two assumptions on this issue. One is, this movement will topple the government from pweer. However, another one states that there is no likelihood of the collapse of the government through a movement. Through this movement, BNP will demand some issues regarding the election. The government will be compelled to accept some reasonable demands. The government will be forced to sit for negotiation. And the most vital thing, BNP will go to the polls with the momentum of this movement. A section of BNP that believes in the second assumption remarked that if the movement can be intensified, Begum Zia`s release would no longer be impossible.