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Govt to liberate US from delusion

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Published on : 07 August 2018, 09:58 PM
Govt to liberate US from delusion
In the past six months, the relations between the United States and the present government have been cold. The US Embassy is giving statements on various issues which are nothing but sheer criticism of the government. The most recent incident of the attack on a car carrying US Ambassador Marcia Bernicat reached to Washington. US attitude towards the government is becoming more and more negative. Reckoning the overall situation, the government of Bangladesh has decided to come forward and improve its relationship with the US by freeing the latter from the delusions. Alongside Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, international Affairs adviser to the prime minister Gowher Rizvi and Bangladesh`s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Abdul Momen have been entrusted responsibility to hold talks with the US. On Monday, the foreign minister called on US Ambassador Marcia Bernicat at his residence. The meeting between the two parties continued for two hours. Dr. Gowher Rizvi, who is currently staying in the United Kingdom, will reportedly hold talks with the high-ups of the US State Department in the coming week. Rizvi has personal programs at the Oxford University. After ending his affairs there, Dr. Rizvi is expected to fly to the US. Abdul Momen, on the other hand, will visit the US in the next month. 

Responsible sources of government said some influential people have been engaged in anti-Bangladesh activities in the US administration for some days. They have repeatedly complained about the Bangladesh government. Among those who are filling the ears of the US against the Bangladesh government are Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Dr. Kamal Hossain and some members of the civil society. The government believes, the BNP-Jamaat is also campaigning against the government to the US State Department. BNP-Jamat alliance is submitting petitions regularly to the senators and congressmen.

Many leaders of the government said that the government of Bangladesh had excellent relations with the United States. But for the last few days, some unfavorable issues have emerged between the two countries. A top leader of government said, "After the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the US elections, we had hoped to take the relations between the two countries to another level. But a fraction is trying to create distance between the US administration and the government of Bangladesh.

It has been found that during the anti-drug campaign, the US ambassador criticized the operation harshly. After the election of Gazipur City, comments such as there was no reflection of public opinion in this election, came from the US embassy. The US attitude towards the recent students` movement was against the government too. Then the incident of an attack on the US Ambassador`s vehicle took place. According to the sources, the government does not want to extend a distance from the United States before the election. That is why the government is giving utmost importance to the development of its relationship with the US.

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