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Battle to seize Dhaka

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Published on : 06 August 2018, 07:59 PM
Battle to seize Dhaka

Awami League`s main challenge is to keep Dhaka city safe before the national elections of the country. And the party is expected to take initiatives to mobilize Dhaka Metropolitan police to face this challenge. Party president Sheikh Hasina will hold talks with the Members of Parliament of Dhaka very soon. 

On the other hand, the main focus of BNP is launching a big movement and taking positions in Dhaka. BNP believes the main reason for the failure of the 2014 movement was that it failed to create any movement in Dhaka. But now, all the plans of BNP are surrounding Dhaka. 

After talking with senior leaders of the ruling party and BNP, this information was found out. Recent organizational weakness of Awami League has become clear in the Dhaka city during the recent quota and safe roads movements. Awami League policymakers are concerned about this. In particular, there has been question about the role of parliament members of Dhaka.

A responsible leader of Awami League said, "There is no coordination of the MPs with the Dhaka North and Dhaka South city corporations` committees. Moreover, there is no coordination between the mayors." According to the leader, such distance has weakened the organization in Dhaka. Awami League believes before the election, BNP and Jamaat will try to launch bigger movement targeting Dhaka. Recent incidents are its rehearsals. The government does not want to rely on law enforcement agencies to control the movement. In the recent movement of the students, the president of the organization also noticed the weakness of the party in Dhaka. Several sources of Awami League said that the president of the party, Sheikh Hasina, immediately ordered the party`s general secretary Obaidul Quader to sit with MPs of Dhaka Metropolitan and near Dhaka. When contacted, Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader admitted that there are some organizational problems of Awami League in Dhaka city. He said, `We will sit soon`. A senior Awami League leader said there is no recognized heavyweight leader in Dhaka city after Hanif and Maya-era. So, there are some problems in the organization.

On the other hand, BNP`s movement plan is concerned with entire Dhaka. BNP leaders openly said, "There is no need for movement all over the country, movement in Dhaka is sufficient." BNP and Jamaat played hostility outside, but secretly they had been planning to occupy Dhaka in October. On condition of anonymity, a member of the Standing Committee of BNP said, "The recent quota movement and students` safe roads movement have proved that the people of this country are against the government." He said, "People are now ready to stand against the government." BNP is now preparing to launch a movement in Dhaka. Several leaders, including Mirza Abbas, Habib-un-Nabi Khan Sohel, are busy working on inciting movements in Dhaka. Ward committees have been formed to serve this purpose. Political analysts said that the safe roads movement is not the end, more issues are coming in the future.

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