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AL in two, BNP in one city

Published on : 28 July 2018, 06:51 PM
AL in two, BNP in one city


On Saturday, the election campaign in three cities is ending at midnight. When Awami League candidates remained busy in electioneering from the very beginning, the BNP candidates kept themselves busy in complaining. BNP’s complaints were merely routine complaints which are very common in this sub-continent including Bangladesh. The city election will take place on July 30 and it is a very important national level election as this will be the last election before the 11th parliamentary election of the country. Therefore, the foreign observers are very enthusiastic about this election. The United States and European Union will keep an eye on the three city elections. Let’s have an observation of each city.


Here, AL is ahead of BNP from the beginning. BNP’s rebel candidate withdrew but Jamaat candidate did not windraw his candidacy, which will surely leave a negative impact on the vote bank of BNP.

On the last day of the campaign, the Jatiya Party has supported the mayor candidate of Awami League. There is a big vote bank of Islamic parties in Sylhet, which is a big factor in winning here. One of the main reasons for the defeat of the Awami League candidate in the last city election here was the votes of these Islamic parties. However, on Thursday, the party leaders and workers of the Islami parties have taken the side of the AL candidate.

Expatriates campaigned for Awami League candidate of Sylhet on Tuesday. Besides, local Awami League, Jubo League, Chhatra League and other associate organizations have been campaigning together since the very first day.

Awami League mayor candidate Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran said during the announcement of his election manifesto that this election would be his last election. People of this country have always been emotional. Therefore, considering the overall performance of the city election, Kamran`s possibility to be the next mayor is very strong.


The picture is almost the same here. Since the first of the campaign, internal clash, conflicts, and non-cooperation of the allies were visible in BNP. The Jamaat leaders were not seen to take part in BNP candidate’s campaign. Moreover, the condition of other parties of the 20-party alliance in Rajshahi is almost non-existent.

The audio clip related to the bomb blast in an election ally of BNP mayor candidate has cornered BNP more. The audio clip exposed that two BNP leaders were linked with the attack. It became clear after this that BNP is not here to contest but for some unknown reason. BNP from the beginning said that it is participating in the election not to win but to expose the true identity of the government.

When Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul was the mayor of Rajshahi, there was no significant development in Rajshahi. On the other hand, Rajshahi saw development during the tenure of AHM Khairuzzaman Liton.

In Rajshahi, 14-party leaders and workers have been working since the beginning of the campaign for the mayoral candidate of Awami League. Jatiya Party candidate Wasiur Rahman Dolan pledged his support for Liton on July 7 and withdrew his candidacy.

Local freedom fighters, doctors, lawyers, cultural organizations, and many other professional organizations are working relentlessly to campaign for Awami League mayor candidate Khairuzzaman Liton. The people of 9 upazilas of Rajshahi city are in the field to support Liton. All local leaders of the Awami League are also backing Liton. 

As the alliance, local social organizations and AL leaders and activists are all working for Liton, the possibility of victory is more likely.


Compared to the AL candidates of Rajshahi and Sylhet, here, the AL candidate lagging behind a little. Jamaat is here supporting BNP candidate Mujibur Rahman Sarwar. The Islami Shasantantra has announced its own candidate for the Barisal city corporation election. Till now, there is no sign of pledging support to AL candidate.

The conflict of Hasnat’s family and Hiron is an old thing. A local group of AL leaders is always active here against Hasnat. When Hiron was the mayor, Hasnat did not dare to enter the city. Although Hiron is dead now, he has left his followers who make a big vote bank. So, it cannot be said with confidence that what his followers will do in the election. In the election of March 30, 2017, BNP’s Monirul Haque Sakku won despite AL was ahead of BNP in the election campaign. Many reportedly voted for BNP wearing the badge of `boat` symbol. For the same reason, the victory of AL in Barisal is not certain as it is in the other two cities.

Although Jatiya Party Chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad pledged his support for the Awami League candidate in Barisal. But Iqbal Hossain Taposh, the Jatiya Party candidate is yet to withdraw his candidacy. However, the Jatiya Party rebel candidate pledged his support for the Awami League candidate in a conference.

The political analysts believe the city elections are very crucial before the national election of the country. The voting of the three city elections is only a matter of time now. So, we have to wait for the final results of the elections.     

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