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US activities against diplomatic norms?

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Published on : 27 July 2018, 06:21 PM
US activities against diplomatic norms?
Mahathir Bin Mohamad, the founder of modern Malaysia, said once that the country where the United States conducted activities, got destroyed soon, the country`s democracy got ruined and the development process of that country was hampered. 

For the last few days, the United States has suddenly become active on Bangladesh politics. After the 2014 elections, the US was somewhat less voiced. They did not interfere on Bangladesh`s internal political issues. As the time of the election is approaching, the US activities are increasing as well.

The question has arisen in political and diplomatic circles that if this activity of US is ambivalent to diplomatic norms. Yesterday, US Ambassador Marcia Bernicat met the Chief Election Commissioner. With a long meeting with the Chief Election Commissioner, she urged to ensure free and fair elections for the three city corporation.

At the same time Bernicat said, they have trust in the Election Commission. Under this Election Commission, the next election will be free and fair.

The question is, Marcia Bernicat is an ambassador, and she acts as an US representative to protect relations between Bangladesh and the United States. The city corporation elections in a country are entirely the internal affairs of that country. How does the US Ambassador interfere in that matter then? In which protocol did she meet with the Election Commission? There have been questions in various diplomatic circles about this.
When contacted the international affairs adviser to the PM Dr. Gowher Rizvi said, "The United States can definitely give its own opinion about whether the Bangladesh elections are free and fair. They also can monitor. But they cannot give direction on how the election of a country shall be held and how the political parties will run the activities?"

He also said, "For a long time, we developed the culture of dependence on foreign countries. Because of that culture, other countries including the United States are showing unnecessary interest. Since we came to power we have been saying that we do not like anyone to talk about our internal affairs. In the world, there are many obvious global issues, such as human rights, good governance - the United States can talk about all issues as a development partner of Bangladesh. But it is not their responsibility to talk about what the election procedure of our country will be or how the Election Commission will work.

The United States made several comments on the Gazipur city election. The government criticized the move of the US as to the comments on the Gazipur city election. There have been many questions in the public and diplomatic circles about the US activities about the three city corporation elections. Is the United States interfering in Bangladesh`s politics? How dignified is it for an independent country? This question is everywhere. Not only this, in addition to meeting with the Election Commission, they also have held meeting with BNP and various political parties. Such meetings carry an evil indication to our politics. Multiple responsible sources of government say that the government has kept an eye on the United States` initiatives and whenever they breach the limits, the government of Bangladesh would not hesitate to take a strong position in this regard.

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