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BNP wants to make Rajshahi city election controversial

Published on : 19 July 2018, 10:55 PM
BNP wants to make Rajshahi city election controversial

The city corporation elections in Rajshahi, Sylhet, and Barisal are only 12 days away. To win over voters, the candidates are working day and night. However, some have taken a different path violating election code. Instead of convincing people to vote for them, they are intimidating the voters to fill their ballot box. Beside intimidation, they are running propaganda against the opposition and attacking their rally. Because of these incidents, a terror is prevailing among the people.

Reports from Rajshahi reveal that BNP-Jamaat men are actually behind these disruptions. An investigation has disclosed the faces of those culprits. It has been reported that BNP`s Joint General Secretary Mamunr Rashid is trying to create terror among people in the ward no. 13. He and his forces are strategically trying to create panic among the voters. Aligning with the Jamaat Councilor candidate, he has publicly supported Awami League and now creating terror among people.

Although Mamunur Rashid is involved with BNP’s politics, he is known as ‘Laden Mamun’ in his area. He has a good rapport with the influential people of the city. It has been reported that he is secretly supporting the Jamaat candidate of ward 13. On the other hand, he is also supporting Awami League candidate Abdul Momin of the same ward. This has created a huge controversy in that ward.

By supporting two candidates of two different parties, he is trying to create unrest in the ward 13. As a result, the voters are in a limbo, as well as in fear. A voter of the ward 13 said, ‘He did the same in the previous election. Because of his two-way policy, there prevails a turmoil among people.’

The people of the ward demand the authority to curb Mamun and his forces to hold the city election in a peaceful manner. Otherwise, the whole area will remain under turmoil before the election.

Yesterday, the workers of Awami League caught four Jamaat workers red-handed and handed over to the police because of spreading false propaganda against the Awami League candidate.

It has been reported that the sub-inspector Shamim of Boalia Police Station filed case accusing 8/10 unidentified people under the Explosive Substance Act on Tuesday night. Later, it was known that the accused were the followers of BNP mayoral candidate Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul.

The people of Rajshahi city are not responding to such controversies in a good way. A fear of not being able to cast their votes in a peaceful manner is mounting in them.