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Why US ambassador to Bangladesh changed?

Published on : 18 July 2018, 08:32 PM
Why US ambassador to Bangladesh changed?

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced Earl Robert Miller as the new US ambassador to Bangladesh. The decision is now waiting for the final approval from the US Senate. After the approval, the ambassador to Botswana Earl Miller will replace the current US ambassador to Bangladesh, Marcia Bernicat. The question is, why did the United States decide to appoint a new ambassador?

The United States election was held almost two years ago, in 2016. That year, Donald Trump became the president of the United States from the Republican Party. The common practice of US is that the ambassadors employed in different countries will be replaced if the ruling party is changed. But even after the Republic Party came to power, US ambassador to Bangladesh Marsha Bernicat was not replaced by the Democrats. At this crucial time before the election, the change in the ambassador is not merely a routine change. Political analysts see this as a possibility of US planning something for the politics of Bangladesh.

If we go through history, we will see the ambassadors of the United States and Bangladesh played a vital role during any political change in Bangladesh or during an undemocratic government system. In the WikiLeaks released by Julian Assange, the role of the United States in Bangladesh politics has been repeatedly mentioned. The question is now, whether there is any such thing behind the sudden change of ambassador.

The United States has always intervened in the politics of Bangladesh. Bangabandhu murder case is one of the important events in Bangladesh`s history. There is also evidence that US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is involved in a conspiracy with the assassination of Bangabandhu. The United States was against the independence of Bangladesh. Despite the opposition of this superpower, Bangladesh became independent in just 9 months of the war. Kissinger`s former staff assistant, Roger Morris, acknowledged Kissinger`s hatred towards the Founding Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in an interview. Morris said Kissinger thought that the emergence of Bangladesh under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was his personal defeat. He did not lose his chance to retaliate.

Also, the US Embassy has an allegation of being involved in the killing of President Ziaur Rahman. According to WikiLeaks’ leaked information, the then US ambassador to Dhaka David T Schneider was keeping an eye on the situation. He sent a message to Washington frequently. They showed such activity once before when the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman took place.

During the reign of dictator Hussein Muhammad Ershad, the US Embassy also influenced the politics of Bangladesh. US ambassador to Bangladesh William B. Miller had an important role in Bangladesh`s politics.

The allegation against the US involvement with the one-eleven government of Bangladesh was also found. US Ambassador to Bangladesh Patricia A. Butenis’ involvement with the politics of Bangladesh is a very old topic to discuss. When she returned to the US in June 2007, James F. Moriarty came to Bangladesh as the ambassador. There is an allegation that he did not play a neutral role. Moriarty sent a lot of texts to the United States about the political situation in Bangladesh.

Earlier, the United States embassy had monitored the four-party alliance government of 2001-2006. When the then US ambassador to Bangladesh Harry K. Thomas sent his evaluation to the US about the then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia and 17 influential personnel of her government on May 11, 2005. It was said in the evaluation that the United States had close ties with only 12 of the 17 influential people who were close to Begum Zia. Jamaat leader Nizami reportedly did not like the US. The famous WikiLeaks leaked the document.

Bangladesh has now come out as a developing country in the world and its significance to the world politics is increasing day by day. The national election of Bangladesh will also be held soon. It is normal that the United States will not be silent at the moment. Washington expects India`s cooperation in this regard.

The relationship between New Delhi and Washington is very important now. Political analysts believe that these two countries should have good relations because of economic and geopolitical reasons. A few years ago, Joy Shankar was appointed as India`s foreign secretary. Being a former India ambassador to the US played a great role behind his appointment. In Bangladesh, the United States has appointed someone as an ambassador to Bangladesh who has a good rapport with India.

In fact, India has the power to influence Bangladesh politics. And Miller also served as a regional security officer in New Delhi before going to Botswana. Naturally, he has a good relationship with the high-ups of India. Marcia Bernicat, on the other hand, had to lack to be in good terms with India. India’s foreign policy is very strong now. Bernicat could not play any role against such policy of India. The US has understood that they have to work unitedly with India if it wants to do something in the politics of Bangladesh. Maybe, this is why the US has decided to send Miller as the new ambassador.

Through the change of US ambassador, it becomes evident that the US wants to be an influential figure in the politics of Bangladesh by compromising with India.