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What are functions of AL`s affiliated bodies?

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Published on : 16 July 2018, 10:06 PM
What are functions of AL`s affiliated bodies?
Recently, Bangladesh has achieved the third place in the world for production of freshwater fish. This is a huge achievement for Bangladesh. Since many initiatives taken by the Bangladesh government have contributed to this achievement in the fisheries sector, it was not unusual to expect that ruling Awami League will utilize this opportunity and will conduct campaign on it. And Bangladesh Awami Motshojibi League could take the biggest role in campaigning. This wing of AL was formed to make the proper use of the huge potential of fishery community and fisheries sector in Bangladesh. But they did not have any program on this great achievement.

Not only the Awami Motshojibi League the allegations of inaction against the organs of the Awami League are quite old. Awami League students  organization Bangladesh Chhatra League has always been vocal through rallies, meetings and seminars. Bangladesh Jubo League is quite acclaimed due to a number of creative and innovative initiatives. Besides, Shecchashebok League leads some special day oriented programs. Outside, there is no news of the activities of Awami League`s affiliated bodies. Naturally, the questions rose in the AL top level leadership  that what are the functions  of these affiliated bodies then? What are  their goal and purpose?

During the lifetime of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, there were only 5 wings in the Awami League. They are Chhatra League, Mahila Awami League, Krishak League, Jubo League and Sramik League. Of these, the BCL and the Sramik League were named as the Awami League`s bona fide organizations. From time to time, the number of organizations of the present ruling party has increased. The group has been affiliated to various professional organizations such as Bangladesh Tati League, Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad, Awami Motshojibi League etc.

When Bangabandhu founded the affiliated wings of AL, there was a clear and unrivaled motive of Bangabandhu. The main motive was that the organs that will form with the pro-Awami League professionals will practice the same thought to other professionals. In this way, the patriotism and political consciousness will spread among all professionals in the country. This whole process of consciousness can be compared to the human blood circulation process. The blood is transmitted from the heart to the other organs of the body through the arteries. In the same way, the political ideology of AL will spread within the entire country through these organizations.

There are different professions and professionals in the country. And the wings were formed to spread AL ideology among  the professionals. But now the bodies turned out to become the place of grouping merely . Many leaders consider these bodies as the stairs of their success. But they have been reluctant to perform their duties.

But if these organizations functioned properly, they could successfully contribute to the policymaking issue. They could advise the government for the development of the sector and the profession.

At present, road accidents have become regular circumstances. Sramik League and Paribahan League are the affiliated wing of AL. They can help government to take necessary steps to prevent road accidents. But no such initiative is seen from these bodies.

Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad (SWACHIP) is the official organization of the Awami League. But SWACHIP has no role to resolve the chaos in the medical field of the country.

Recently Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has started a campaign. In this campaign, she repeatedly said in public meetings organized in different regions of the country that she will transform every village of the country into a city. She will provide similar facilities to the villagers that the city residents enjoy. And we all know that infrastructure, improved communication system and certainly improved healthcare are mandatory to transform a village into a city. SWACHIP`s doctors can take an initiative to ensure this improved healthcare. But such a role is not visible yet.

The healthcare situation is not good today in rural Bangladesh. People of rural areas still have to run for treatment in city hospitals for any sort of complication. If our doctors were to go to the village hospitals, then the situation would have changed. But unfortunately, no SWACHIP related doctor wanted to stay in the village.

The same situation prevails in the pro-AL organization Bangabandhu Prokousholi Parishad. They are not seen in supporting government or campaign for government programs. Rather, they remain busy with post distributions.

Bangabandhu Prokousholi Parishad can play a vital role in making the PM`s dream to turn village into city a reality.

To build infrastructure or to develop better communication and transport system, Bangabandhu Prokousholi Parishad should have given the Prime Minister a model as soon as possible. They could have attached all the details of transforming a village into a city. But such an initiative has not taken by the organization. Even none of the affiliated body`s  leader wants to take posting outside Dhaka.

Pro-Awami League Shikkhok Samity (Teachers` group) leaders do not even move outside Dhaka. Observing the pro- AL leaders of Dhaka University it is seen that they remain busy to improve their situation instead of teaching students.

After reviewing their activities it is understood that the ideals of these organizations on which they were established are not met.

A political party comes to power with the election program. The people vote after evaluating these programs. So, after coming to power, the implementation of programs is the main task of the government. But it is not possible for the government alone to implement the programs. So participation of different professionals is needed. In order to implement the programs of the government, if the organ organizations do not perform duties, then the government will not be able to successfully execute its activities.

Bangabandhu Sangskritik Gosthi was once very active. It has acceptability among the youth for its different programs and cultural initiatives. Film personality Alamgir Kumkum was the last star of this organization. But there is no such existence in this organization today. But our culture minister Asaduzzaman Noor is a cultural related personality. Under his leadership, the cultural zone is supposed to become more prosperous.

The reality is that the movement of consciousness do not thrive without cultural movements. The Liberation War would not have been successful unless there was a successful cultural movement at that time. During the Liberation  War , various cultural initiatives played a major role in our victory.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has recently taken an initiative after observing this situation. She has decided to hold meetings with different organizations and professional organizations of Awami League.

It seems to be a good decision like other decisions taken by the PM because if we want to raise our heads as a developed nation, we should increase the use of intellectual practices rather muscle power. To support the development of the country, the organs will have to come forward to cooperate with the government. If these organs can play their role as a think tank, it will be easy to build Bangabandhu`s dream Bangladesh under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. But if the organizations remain inactive, then the ruling Awami League will have to pay in the near future.