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Fakhrul`s `political sickness`?

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Published on : 05 July 2018, 09:58 PM
Fakhrul`s `political sickness`?

Is BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir really sick or has he fallen sick because of a political strategy? Several issues have been discussed in BNP all day long about his illness. Just a month ago, BNP secretary general checked his health at a Bangkok Hospital. And before that, one and half month ago, he was admitted to United Hospital and went under Angiography. Now, he has got again admitted to the same hospital under Mominuzzama, who is a cardiologist. Soon after an Angiogram test, many were surprised by the news of his new illness. Because, three months ago, the Angiogram test reveals that there is no problem with his heart. So is he sick for political reasons?

The relationship between Jamaat and BNP is not very well. A divided BNP in different issues is also a setback. Then comes the three city elections. BNP is polarized on various issues regarding the national election. And all the pressure has fallen on the shoulder of the BNP secretary general.

Jamaat is openly saying that it does not want to see Fakhrul as the secretary general. Jamaat says, after taking over BNP, Mirza Fakhrul has been avoiding Jamaat. A few days ago, the BNP secretary general had to withdraw from the 20-party coordinator position under the pressure from Jamaat. Nazrul Islam Khan was named the new coordinator A source said, Jamaat said that if BNP removes Mirza Fakhrul, it will consider withdrawing its candidate from Sylhet city. Jamaat believes Mirza Fakhrul is pro-India. The pressure of anti-Fakhrul is also increasing within the party. The BNP secretary general is in favour of taking part in the next parliamentary election. He wants to participate in the next parliamentary election under any circumstance. But the majority of BNP grassroots leaders do not agree to join the election without meeting their demands of releasing Begum Zia and holding the election under a non-partisan caretaker government. Disagreements in BNP are increasingly becoming visible. Most of the BNP leaders believe that the failure of BNP to create a big movement demanding the release of Begum Zia is the failure of Mirza Fakhrul. For this reason, different organizations started to distrust him. Before the Eid, the BNP secretary general went to London secretly. Tarique Zia rebuked him there. He (Tarique) gave him one month to reorganize the party. Since then one month has passed. But conflicts in BNP have only intensified. Due to these overwhelming pressure, has Fakhrul broken mentally? Did he become sick because he could not tolerate the pressure?

Or he has been forced to pretend to be sick. In his absence, will the relationship between the BNP-Jamaat revive? These questions and doubts will have the answers in a short time.

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