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Unsafe states for women

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Published on : 05 July 2018, 08:05 AM
Unsafe states for women

Most recently, a survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation found that India is the world`s number one unsafe country for women. India has emerged in the leading line because of sexual molestation of women. Afghanistan is in second place. Syria and the United States jointly incurred in third place. Somalia is fourth and Saudi Arabia is fifth in the list. Among the western countries, only the United States has made its position to the list. According to the survey respondents, women in the above countries are at risk of sexual harassment, harassment and rape.

Violence against women is not unfamiliar at all. No matter how civilization progresses, this bad tendency has not yet been passed from civilized society. The world is still failing to ensure a safe haven for women.

India: India`s official statistics show that from 2007 to 2016, violence against women increased by 83 percent. Four rape cases are reported every hour in the country. Also, women are constantly being victimized by family disputes, trafficking and persecution. According to statistics, in the last 30 years, over 500 million female fetuses were killed in India.

Afghanistan: In the country, 87 percent of women are illiterate and 70-80 percent of women are forced to marry in early childhood. Women are victims of physical violence, murder, acid violence, antenatal death and other violence.

Syria: The women of war torn Syria are at risk of being kidnapped, raped, and trafficked. Besides refuge Syrian women lived in the border are forced engage in poignant activities like prostitution in order to survive. Since the Syrian Revolution began, abduction and rape by the government forces have become a routine incident of the country.

Somalia: There is a lack of proper law and application for women in Somalia. Sexual harassment, antenatal death, early marriage are everyday issues in this country.

Pakistan: Child marriages, acid attack, kidnapping and honor killing are biggest concern for Pakistani women. In this country, 1000 women are being killed every year in the name of honor killing and 90 percent of women are being victimized by family feuds.

Kenya, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, USA, Saudi Arabia are also included in the list of country that failed to provide their women proper safety and honor. Considering the social system, culture and economic status of the above countries, it is proved that whether in East or west, rich or poor, liberal or conservative women have no safe heaven.

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