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Diplomatic war intensifying

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Published on : 03 July 2018, 08:05 PM
Diplomatic war intensifying


India and the United States have always been active in the politics of Bangladesh. Their activities are still in progress. And China and Pakistan have joined with it again. China is now one of the development partners of the whole Asia continent. China is financing many projects in Bangladesh. And on this ground, BNP leaders are trying to convince China to pressurize the government. And suddenly the Chinese Ambassador and diplomats started holding talks with different political parties in Bangladesh. It is believed that the Pakistan Embassy has a hand in relation to China`s involvement in the politics of Bangladesh.

Officials of the Chinese Embassy held meeting with Pakistan Embassy officials in the capital Sunday last. BNP standing committee member Abdul Moin Khan and Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury were also present there. The BNP leaders discussed the release of party chairperson Khaleda Zia and how the next election can be made participatory.

Recently the Chinese Ambassador met with Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader. It is said that they have talked about various projects of Chinese funding. However, sources said that during the meeting, the Chinese Ambassador spoke about the upcoming election with Obaidul Quader.

Traditionally, China limits itself in economic diplomacy only with other countries. China is less interested in any political issue. But China is becoming more interested in global politics. China has been quite active in recent years on various issues including North Korea. Experts believe China`s involvement with Bangladesh politics is an outcome of Pakistan`s motivation.

India, however, is not considering it positively, especially the communication of Bangladesh with China and Pakistan. Recently, during a visit to India, the BNP leaders tried to come to a negotiation with India. After the visit, India`s willingness for releasing Khaleda and upcoming national elections became visible. But when India saw BNP`s connection with Pakistan and China, the political analysts believe that such willingness of India has diminished.

Geographically, there is a conflict between China and India over establishing influence on subcontinental politics. After China`s intervention in Bangladesh`s politics, it is plausible for India to become more interested in Bangladesh politics. It is learned that India is reconsidering on BNP.

According to analysts, before the national elections, the conflict among foreign diplomats over Bangladesh politics has intensified. Even if BNP is not in the field of politics, even if there is no program from BNP, they are still in touch with the foreign diplomats. One thing is clear that the position of India, United States, and China is not the same.

The prehistory of diplomatic polarization tells that India and the United States will reach to an agreement. On the other hand, Pakistan and China will form a side. But the United States` diplomats have a different opinion of Awami League because of Dr. Mohammad Yunus. It is now a matter of time to see what happens next in the field of diplomacy.

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