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Does AL remain the same AL?

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Published on : 21 June 2018, 09:58 PM
Does AL remain the same AL?

Awami League will celebrate its 69th founding anniversary on June 23. AL is the country`s oldest political party which led the nation in the Liberation War in 1971. It is a big event for the party to complete 69 years in politics against the countless obstacles in its path. Therefore, after walking a long path of sacrifice and struggle, Bangladesh and AL have blended into a single entity. Now, the party is enjoying it happiest moment. It is ruling the country for about 10 years. The face of the opposition force is literally laid down on the ground. There is no force left in the country to challenge AL. However, the biggest question on the eve of its founding anniversary, does AL still remain the same AL?

AL is perhaps the only political party in the sub-continent which was born of oppression and torture. The party has evolved facing boundless oppression. AL remained in power for only three and a half years, although it liberated the country from the oppression of Pakistan. The main ideological leader of the party remained behind the bars for most of his life. Now, the leaders of the same party enjoy a luxurious life with shiny cars, decorated Mujib coat and gel dousing their hair.

Does AL still remain the same AL?

Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy was the founder of AL, but a young boy from Tungipara become the main focus of AL with his undaunted character and endless passion.

From Joint General Secretary to General Secretary, then President and finally he evolved as the Bangabandhu. Not with a family name or with someone’s charity, he became the synonym to AL with his enchanting leadership, another name of Bangladesh. Today, the whole nation is eager to fulfill the dreams of Bangabandhu. But, can anyone put his hand on the heart and say that still an ordinary boy from the village can reach to the central politics without any lobbying or using the family name?

Does AL still remain the same AL?

AL meant the reflection of hard-working people, farmers from the village, the workers of the industry, students and young people. They were brave people with invincible morale who could wreak havoc on anything that may come before him.

And today?

AL means some cunning and flattering faces who seek to gain advantage only and some wealthy faces. Those golden people are now lost for the pressure of the new looters. 

Does AL still remain the same AL?

AL meant sacrifice once. Its leaders and workers did not expect anything from the party but sacrificed everything of their life for the party. 1952, 62, 69, 70 and 75 were some of the moments when AL showed its true color. And today, AL means some crafty people who always seek opportunity. They only want things from the party. AL is called the party which is based on the ideology of the Founding Father of the country. It is the party which fulfills the dreams of Bangabandhu. But, those who are there now in AL, how many of them can swear that they follow the ideology of Bangabandhu in politics.

The only wish on its 69th founding anniversary on June 23 is that AL will return to its old form. Because, except AL, who is there to think about people of the country?

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