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Sudden silence of them 

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Published on : 20 June 2018, 10:00 PM
Sudden silence of them 
The vocal leaders of the 20-party alliance are suddenly silent now. No activity has so far been noticed during the Ramadan. Even after Eid, they remain silent. Political analysts believe they detached themselves from the alliance because of BNP`s recent uncertainty and pluralistic attitude.
Liberal Democratic Party-LDP leader Colonel (rtd) Oli Ahmed was the most vocal in the 20-party beside BNP and Jamaat leaders. In the beginning he was vocal about BNP Chairperson Begum Zia`s release. But over the course of time, he has become silent. He has already claimed his share in the next election. He also strongly criticized BNP over this issue in a meeting. In a nutshell, Oli Ahmed had become more agitated because of BNP secretary General`s favoritism on the United Front. Moreover, his relation with BNP secretary general is not pleasant.
Lt. General (rtd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim of Jatiya Kalyan Party is the most discussed former leader of 20-party alliance. He was once a critic of the government. After the arrest of Begum Zia, he remained active for a few days, but now he has withdrawn himself from every activity. He demanded the finalization of sharing 20-party seats. In the last meeting of the 20-party alliance, he said that the partners were not properly evaluated. Then there is no action of General Ibrahim on the political arena.
Bangladesh Jatiya Party-BJP leader Andaleeve Rahman is considered as one of the most influential leaders in the 20-party alliance. Even being a close relative of the prime minister, his famous speech and criticism of the government highlighted him more. It did not take time for him to become close to Begum Zia and Tarique Zia. Partho is quite popular among youth as a rational speaker. After the arrest of Begum Zia, he had been vocal for few days. He was also seen in several political programs. Partho, however, took a break later. However, there are many different opinions on his silence in the 20-party alliance.  Many believe that Perth became inactive because of the direction of the prime minister. He is taking preparation for the next election.
There have been many discussions over the `voluntary retirement` of these leaders. Most political observers believe that BNP has made the alliance ineffective. That`s why those three become inactive nowadays. Some people, however, think that the government has secret relation with these three leaders. That is why they still remain silent. They will obviously participate in the election. And that is why the government confidently said, even if BNP does not participate in the election, the next election will be participatory.

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