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World Refugee Day today

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Published on : 20 June 2018, 01:35 PM
World Refugee Day today


Myanmar`s 11 lacs Rohingyas took shelter in Bangladesh in the last one year, leaving their country to escape genocide, torture and repression. These numbers are increasingly growing. Over the past few years, millions of refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries have become refugees in Europe and America because of war and political violence. In search of a safe haven, many refugees have to embrace untimely death. The Mediterranean Sea becomes the witness of their deprivation, torment, suffering and hardship.

Myanmar, Middle East, Congo, South Sudan - hundreds of thousands of refugees from these war-torn countries have the similar story. In order to tell the world about their story and make the world aware of their rights, the World Refugee Day is being celebrated throughout the world.
According to the UN report, the number of the displaced people in the world is around 7 crore. And this number is bigger than at any other time. Most of them are refugees due to internal political instability and the rest of them have become refugees for various reasons including natural disaster and economic. At present, the Rohingya community is the victims of the world`s most brutal cruelty. For the past four decades, Myanmar military has been accused of trying to evacuate Rohingya. In 2017, they were able to get a bigger portion of Rohingya out of the country by a single strike.
Bangladesh faces direct impact because of the deportation of Rohingyas from their own countries. This small country of 16 crore people had already sheltered deported Rohingyas at different times. The country has been struggling to provide shelter and food for the 11 lac additional Rohingyas from the last year.
Due to a large number of Rohingya infiltrators, there has been severe pressure on the local residents and the property. Due to the Rohingyas, there have been various social and criminal crises in the country. Besides, political analysts believe that there will be a political crisis in addition to the social and security crisis if the Rohingya are in Bangladesh for a long time. If they stay in this country for long, they will want more opportunities and freedom of movement. It is easy to get access to these benefits with political power. So they will try to involve themselves with politics and the political parties will also get the opportunity. For this reason, most of the citizens are willing to repatriate Rohingya to Myanmar.
However, Myanmar has not yet shown any interest to take Rohingyas back. There is ongoing anti-Muslim and anti-Rohingya campaign. Even today, foreign secretary Shahidul Haque said that the Rohingyas cannot be repatriated right now because their security is not guaranteed. That means it will take time to solve this problem.
Bangladesh had earlier called on the Security Council to take strong action for the withdrawal of Rohingya. They also demanded the new sanctions on Myanmar and implementation of the Kofi Annan Commission report.
But the main reason behind the Rohingya problem is their citizenship. The problem will not resolve until Myanmar declares Rohingya as its own citizen.


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