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End of breathtaking wait

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Published on : 14 June 2018, 08:00 PM
End of breathtaking wait

From north pole to the south, from the land of the rising sun Japan to the land of the midnight sun Norway, the whole world has been waiting four years for the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world. The wait is over now. Russia lifts the curtain of 21st FIFA World Cup 2018. The world watched the inauguration of this event with surprise. Thus began the greatest show on earth. 

The official countdown of the World Cup began 100 days ago. People looked forward to this day for more than three months. They counted months, days, hours and then seconds. Now, football lovers are waiting for the opening match to begin when host Russia faces Saudi Arabia. The whole world today has celebrated the World Cup through the inauguration.

Thirty-two countries qualified for the Russia World Cup from seven continents. Some came from the desert and some came from Africa, or some came to represent the war-torn Middle East. Several strong contenders for the cup are from South and North America who can claim the trophy like any big-name countries. A number of superpowers from Europe will represent their style of power football. Every country is ready to fight in the land of ice to win the most prestigious cup in football.

Football is such a game that binds the whole world together. Regardless of color, ethnicity, religion, wealth or anything that illustrates differences, countries of any part of the world can join this tournament.

May it be an Eskimo or somebody from a war-torn country in the Middle East, all will enjoy the greatest show on earth with the same zeal. It is not always necessary to be a football lover that one’s own country has to represent in the World Cup. Not to mention the name of Bangladesh but it is the biggest example of how people of a different country support a different country.

The football is round in shape just like the planet earth. It seems that football represents the earth. There may be 32 countries competing in 64 games over 32 days, but there will be no habitable place on earth that would not watch the World Cup. Even the researchers who are in the space station will also watch this tournament.

Once a World Cup tournament is over, the football lovers around the world await very ardently for another. Like football is universal, the desire for football is also equal to each person. It is the only major event that brings people of the world together under one roof.

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