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What happened to Begum Zia on 5th June?

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Published on : 10 June 2018, 08:15 PM
What happened to Begum Zia on 5th June?


What did happen to BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on June 5? Did she have a ‘mild stroke’? Since five days of the incident, this topic has been a burning issue in the court and political arena of the country. However, this incident came to the limelight on June 8. That day, a group of relatives of Khaleda led by her younger brother Shamim Iskander visited her in jail. Sources in BNP said, after the family meeting was over, Shamim phoned BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi and told him about the collapse of Khaleda. Khaleda’s relatives requested the jail authorities to let Khaleda’s personal doctors visit her for a medical observation. The jail authorities approved the request and a 4-member group of physicians led by Dr. FM Siddique visited Khaleda to her health condition. After checking Khaleda’s health condition, they said on June 5 that the BNP Chairperson may have a mild stroke. They have submitted a four-page report to the jail authorities. Today, a copy of that report was presented before a High Court bench. The report recommended transferring Khaleda Zia to United Hospital. Many reputed doctors have disagreed with the report of FM Siddique.

Medicine specialist Dr. ABM Abdullah said, ‘I didn’t check Khaleda’s health condition. But those who have visited her, how could they say that she had a mild stroke without ECG and blood tests?’ The internationally renowned physician said, ‘Due to low blood sugar level, people sometimes become unconscious. However, it’s impossible to reach a conclusion without going through some tests.’

Khandker Mahbub Hossain today presented this report before HC during the hearing of Khaleda’s Cumilla case and argued that the BNP chairperson had a mild stroke. Therefore, she must be granted bail. On the other hand, the Attorney General cited the jail authorities and said that Khaleda fell sick because of low blood sugar. Later, she became normal.

What did happen on June 5? The jail authorities sent a letter to the Home Ministry citing the prison guard and her personal maid (nurse) Fatima that Khaleda was about to collapse around 5 pm while walking. Fatima and the prison guard hurriedly laid her down. A nurse gave her a candy. When the prison doctor examined her after 25 minutes, she told that she was feeling better. The jail authorities took it as a normal incident. But, on June 8, her relatives informed Rizvi about this incident to exaggerate it. And the pro-BNP doctors tried to make it a political issue. The home minister said that whatever tests the four doctors recommended for her, could be done at BSMMU. Therefore, the home minister instructed the IG (prison) to take Khaleda to BSMMU without further delay. But, according to sources in jail, Khaleda disapproved of going to BSMMU rather she demanded a medical examination at the United Hospital. But the United Hospital authority told, ‘Only BSMMU has all the modern facilities for all types of medical tests.’ One of the hospital authorities said, ‘We refer many complex problems to BSMMU.’ Because of the crowd, many well-off people avoid BSMMU. But, why are Khaleda and her doctors trying to avoid BSMMU? Is the sickness drama of June 5 for political reason?

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