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Eternal aphorism: Movement after Eid

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Published on : 08 June 2018, 10:00 PM
Eternal aphorism: Movement after Eid
`Movement after Eid` is a common dialogue of BNP leaders in Ramadan. Maintaining continuity with the history of the past few years it has been heard from the BNP leaders that a strong movement over various demands will be formed after the Eid. The political analysts, however, disagreed with such proposition of BNP after analyzing their history. According to them, the reality of the claims of BNP leaders is actually questionable.
There are questions among BNP leaders and activists as to the possibility of BNP in staging a movement after the upcoming Eid al-Fitr. Policymakers do not give any instructions for the movement.

According to the BNP sources, some of the senior leaders say that they will run a tough movement but in reality, they are still divided on the street open movement. And the grassroots leaders of the party say that the leaders went silent after the announcement of the program . The high command has no initiative to implement the program.
Again, a source from BNP said that the work of organizing the main party and various affiliated organizations is going on in the Ramadan in order to make the movement successful after the Eid. Efforts are made to eliminate the party`s organizational problems at the grassroots level. The details of the local 81 committees of BNP along with the full convening committees were sent to London. After the final approval of BNP acting chairman Tarique Zia, it will be announced.

But the reality is that anarchy is going on in the formation of the committee. Many drug dealers and terrorists are entering into the committee decided from London. And there is dissatisfaction at the grassroots level of BNP on this issue.

Many leaders of BNP are talking on transforming their movement into the social movement after the Eid. They think of spreading the movement among the masses. According to them, people are resentful on the current ruling party and they will surely join the BNP`s movement to oust the government.

However, experts say that BNP has always failed to attract the manpower in their own movement. Even this time they are giving more importance to people`s involvement than their political and organizational power. Earlier, public support was not seen in their movement. They have no public support for the past few years due to their destructive policy after the 2014 election. Now it will be foolish to hope that people will get involved with them suddenly for the after-Eid movement.

Analysts think that their authenticity of the demand for the movement after the Eid will be understandable only after two weeks.

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