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BNP wants to convince India

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Published on : 07 June 2018, 09:59 PM
BNP wants to convince India

Though BNP verbally opposes India, it looks for India to solve the political crisis. The party wants the solution from India. Neither the movement nor the election, BNP first wants to establish a compromise with India. Even BNP leaders are saying, ‘If India does not want, nothing will happen”. The party is trying to reach an agreement with India over the issues such as Khaleda Zia’s release and participation in the election. BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir held a meeting with the intelligence agency personnel in Bangkok. Prior to that, BNP’s another leader Abdul Awal Mintoo went to Delhi. Mintoo went to Bangkok from there. Two leaders of BNP namely Dr. Moeen Khan and Sabih Uddin Ahmed held meeting with the Indian embassy officials more than once in the last one week in Dhaka. Tarique Rahaman, who is staying in London, has also started contacting with the Indian politicians.

A responsible leader of BNP said, ‘If India does not want, nothing will happen in Bangladesh. India is the only sensitive area of this government’. One of the standing committee members of BNP said, ‘If India announces that it wants a participatory, free and fair election in Bangladesh that would reflect the verdict of the problem, then everything will become easy.’ According to that leader, ‘Only then the government will come forward for the negotiation. Other than this, nothing can change the position of this government. Top BNP leaders are now openly saying that there is no such reality of movement in Bangladesh. People of this country are now busy with their own work and progress. The time for giving life for the party is over. According to them, ‘If Awami League were still in the opposition party, they would not have been able to stage movement. Apart from the general public, the party leaders are not even willing to give life for the party.’ BNP leaders think that Awami League does not fear the pressure of the USA and the EU any longer. And since Bangladesh has become less dependent on foreign donors, the country does not literally obey their rule.’ BNP believes, ‘Because of India, Awami League won the 2014 election and has been able to stay in power for 5 years. If India still plays a similar role, Awami League will again win the upcoming election.

A senior BNP leader BNP thinks, ‘For India, still there is no alternative to Awami League in Bangladesh. But India is not fully satisfied with Awami League.’ The leader said, ‘India never liked the rise of nationalist leader in Bangladesh. The South Block is also not very satisfied with the way Sheikh Hasina is emerging. However, the role played by Sheikh Hasina in extending support to India in curbing militancy and secessionism is incomparable. India does not want to see any further secessionist movements in its borders. And that is why they have no alternative to Sheikh Hasina right now. That leader clearly commented, ‘We wanted to make India understand so that it forgets what BNP did in the past. In the future, we will carry on the Bangladesh’s policy towards India as it is now. However, a burnt child always fears fire. How could India forget 2001 and the promise of BNP so easily? But BNP leaders are leaving no stone unturned to convince India.

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