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`Without work, a man is dead`

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Published on : 06 June 2018, 10:22 PM
`Without work, a man is dead`

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith will reach a unique height when he will declare the budget to the Jatiya Sangsad tomorrow. He will touch the record of former Finance Minister M. Saifur Rahman in terms of declaring the budget as the Finance Minister. However, the bigger aspect is that most probably this veteran politician will declare his last budget as the Finance Minister. It is a rare example in the politics of Bangladesh. The politicians of our country do not believe in ‘retirement’. This is no word called ‘retirement’ in the political dictionary of Bangladesh. Everyone wants to hold the power and remains  the member of parliament until one’s death. Only death gives the farewell from everything for the politicians. However, Abul Maal Abdul Muhith himself declared that he would retire. He also announced that this would be his last budget. After December, he will take permanent leave from the cabinet and the parliament.

Why such a decision? He burst in laughter after hearing this question. He replied, “It will be my second retirement. I was a civil servant. I retired in 1981. Then I thought that I had something more to give. Now I have become old. Therefore, now I feel I need rest. It has been enough.”

What will this work-loving man do after the retirement? In reply to this question he said, “I did not think about this. I am only thinking about the budget now.”

Career of Abul Maal Muhith has had three innings. In the first innings, Muhith served as a government official. He secured the highest position as a government official. He retired from the government service as the secretary. But at the time of his retirement, he was still very young and could not meet his thirst then. Then he served as an economic adviser to the Ershad government for some time. After that he started his second innings. He worked at different agencies of the United Nations. He has worked at the World Bank and IMF as well.

Muhith opened his third innings as a politician. He was elected an MP under Awami League ticket from Sylhet-1 constituency in 2008. Then he got the responsibility of the finance ministry. He worked as the Finance Minister for ten consecutive years since then.

He is leaving as the Finance Minister with satisfaction. He said, “I have no dissatisfaction. Bangladesh has now become a middle-income country. We have been able to establish a self-relying economic base for Bangladesh. We were successful in alleviating poverty. Bangladesh has now come to a place. I will be happy after my retirement when I will look back.” The work-crazy man said,` I am retiring from politics, not from work. After my retirement, I may get busy with something new. Without work, a man is dead. Perhaps I will choose something new. Whatever I choose will be for the benefit of the people." It means, Muhith is not going to retire from the work even after retiring from politics. Perhaps we will get him with a different role. This work-loving man will surely jump into something new.

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