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`Missing news`

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Published on : 04 June 2018, 09:59 PM
`Missing news`
They were called BNP`s think tank. They were Begum Zia`s consultants and trusted persons. They used to write the statement of Begum Zia. Many BNP leaders also feared them. Three of them are Shafiq Rehman, Mahmudur Rahman and Farhad Mazhar. They have been missing for the last few months. No, they are not disappeared like the BNP leader Ilias Ali. They disappeared from political activities. The leaders of BNP do not know about them. They did not even go to any program of BNP. The voices that once were against the government are now silent.

Shafiq Rehman is the most discussed among the three. Though he is a chartered accountant by profession, but he is discussed because of the weekly Jai Jai Din. Since 2000 he has been known as Begum Zia`s statement writer. He was also beside Begum Zia during the one-eleven. He used to write columns in the Daily Naya Diganta. After BNP`s disaster in the 2008 election, he got even closer to Begum Zia. He created a BNP backed think-tank group named G-9. In April of 2016, Shafiq Rehman was arrested for plotting to kill Sajeeb Wazed Joy. He was released on bail in September. Then he went into  hideout. He was in contact with Begum Zia until she was arrested. But now he has has taken himself aloof from everything. BNP people do not even inquire about him.

Mahmudur Rahman was the acting editor of Amar Desh. When BNP came to power in 2001, his activities became noticeable to everyone. At first he became the Executive Chairman of the Board of Investment and later the energy adviser. During the one-eleven, Mahmudur Rahman was vocal. After 2008, this ceramic businessman turned into a column writer. Then Mahmudur Rahman was arrested in the case of cybercrime and contempt of court. He was arrested in April 2013. Then Mahmudur Rahman was released after a long imprisonment. From then on he remains silent. Daily Amar Desh introduced its online version. However, Mahmudur is far away from everything. It seems like he has taken voluntarily exile.

Farhad Mazhar is a fallen intellectual and famous for his nature of changing the policy and ideology at different times. His alteration to a strictly right-wing ideology from being a strict leftist surely demands rigorous research. Similarly, his `disappearance` in July last year and rescue from Khulna is a matter of wonder. Intelligence agency confirmed that Farhad Mazhar`s Casanova outlook is behind that incident. However, this cunning intellectual did not allow making the situation more critical. Now he has covered all his sins and his voice. He does not even hold pen on behalf of Begum Zia. He does not have any  lamentation for BNP. Farhad Mazhar now does not call for `jihad` in intellectual meetings.

None of BNP leaders are aware of what these three people are doing. BNP can issue a missing notice to find them.

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