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Sudden sparkling

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Published on : 02 June 2018, 10:00 PM
Sudden sparkling

He himself declared that he would then become regular henceforth. Party president and prime minister asked him to become active in party activities. Since then one month has gone by, silence of Sayed Ashraful Islam has not yet been over. This presidium member of Awami League (AL) has again gone behind the scene. He is not only absent in party activities but also in the ministry. Nobody knows what Sayed Ashraf is doing.

Sayed Ashraf is the son of Sayed Nazrul Islam, one of the four national leaders of Bangladesh. Like him, Sohel Taj is also the son of martyred Tajuddin Ahmed, who is also one of the four national leaders of Bangladesh. After the huge victory of AL in 2008, he got the responsibility of the home ministry. Thereafter, something happened and he resigned from the ministry and subsequently from the parliament as the MP. He went to the USA then. Sometimes, he stirs up the whole nation through posting something on the social media platforms; then again he goes back from the scene. Moreover, he also often comes in the country and leaves the country after creating some excitement.

Both of them played a significant role during the difficult times of AL. Prime minister has great affection to them as they are the sons of the national four leaders. Again, they both are very popular among the people apart from AL. But none of them give their best for the party. Why? This is the question of the many AL leaders. Ahead of the national election, many AL leaders are trying to find the answer whether they are benefiting AL or harming the party.

The question of harming is coming in the picture because both of them are tested AL leaders. AL is in their bloods. Whatever they do, they will not betray with AL, believes everybody. Then why are they staying aside? Many AL leaders try to say that they stay aside because AL is not going through the right path. Are they aside because they are frustrated and angry at some of the activities of the party? Are the trustworthy leaders not evaluated in AL properly? Many grassroots leaders of AL become frustrated when they try to find the answers of these questions. But their silence creates the biggest problem to the ordinary citizens of the country. Ordinary citizens think, AL is not in the right path and that is why leaders like Sayed Ashraf and Sohel Taj are away. They are honest and that is the reason they have accepted everything. This kind of perception and rumor is creating a negative conception in relation to AL. Ordinary people think, AL has changed a lot.

But Sayeed Ashraf and Sohel Taj both have blood connection with AL. Their main task should be to implement the ideology of their ancestors. Therefore, they should not appear as the stars and ought to indulge them in the work of the party. They should use their personal image for the party and thus play a role for the party. Should they frustrate the party workers leaving one or two statements?

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