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Those who left BNP due to Tarique

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Published on : 20 May 2018, 10:02 PM
Those who left BNP due to Tarique

They are the founding members of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Everyone was close to Ziaur Rahman. Their role in the formation of BNP was also important. But now they are not in BNP. Although they are not in BNP, they are regarded as well-wishers of BNP. Many in BNP believe that BNP needed them during difficult times of the party. A big portion of BNP believes that they are not in BNP because of the misbehaviour and excessive authority over the party. The three leaders who fell under the guillotine are Professor Dr. A. Q. M. Badruddoza Chowdhury, Col (Retd) Oli Ahmed and Barrister Nazmul Huda.

Badruddoza Chowdhury whose father Kafiluddin Chowdhury was a member of Awami League joined BNP. Badruddoza earned huge popularity by making a program titled ‘Your Doctor’. He joined BNP at the invitation of Ziaur Rahman. He was made the secretary general of the party. On May 30, 1981, Ziaur Rahman was killed in a military insurgency in the Chittagong Circuit House. Professor Chowdhury survived the insurgency although he was in the next room. Since then, many in BNP regarded him with suspicion. When BNP came to power in 1991, he became the Deputy Leader of the Parliament. However, his popularity started to grow once again in television media in 2001. He along with his son Mahi B Chowdhury launched a program named ‘Sabash Bangladesh (Bravo Bangladesh)’. Many political analysts believe that program helped BNP come to power again in 2001. For this contribution, he was made President of Bangladesh as a reward. However, unfortunately, he had to leave his post in June 2002. His crime was that he did not visit the grave of Ziaur Rahman after becoming the president. BNP moved for an impeachment in the parliament. But, Badruddoza resigned from his position before BNP moved for the impeachment. He left BNP and founded his own political party Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh. BNP was running the country with great pride then, so they could withstand such ‘undisciplined’ attitude of Badruddoza. BNP men attacked a rally of Bikalpa Dhara. Badruddoza had to run for his life, which to date advertises the bad politics of BNP. However, the question is, why did Badruddoza have to resign from his presidential post? Political analysts believe that the incident of Badruddoza not visiting the grave of Ziaur Rahman was nothing but an excuse. The rapport of Tarique Rahman and Mahi B Chowdhury was on the rocks for some very private matters. Another source of BNP claims that Mahi B Chowdhury came to the limelight in just a few days, which Tarique did not like at all. No matter whatever the reason is, everyone knows it now that the founding member of BNP had to leave BNP because of Tarique.

Col (Retd) Oli Ahmed was not only the founding member of BNP, he was the most trusted military companion of Ziaur Rahman. When Ziaur Rahman was alive, Oli accompanied him always. He kept his loyalty even after Ziaur Rahman’s death. Oli was one of the most reliable advisers to BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia. When BNP came to power in 1991, Oli was the most influential minister next to the Finance Minister Saifur Rahman. But, during the era of Tarique Rahman, his stardom started to fall. During the election of 2001, one of the two seats of Colonel Oli Ahmed was given to a Jamaat member. Oli Ahmed, who is a freedom fighter and a former army officer, could not withstand such insult. He protested. As a consequence, he was engaged in a huge clash with Tarique Rahman at Hawa Bhaban. A leader who was present there said that the words of Oli Ahmed about Tarique and BNP are coming true. Oli said, ‘You’ll destroy BNP and destroy yourself too.’ In 2006, Oli left his own party and founded LDP.

Although Barrister Nazmul Huda is no match for these two leaders, he was also a founding member of BNP. He got more than he deserved in politics. When BNP came to power in 2001, he became the Communication Minister according to Tarique’s proposal. Then Tarique, Huda and Mamun together established an empire of corruption and looting in CNG trade and highways. Close people of Huda said that to embezzle money, Tarique and Mamun used Huda in every possible way. When Nazmul Huda was arrested during the one-eleven era, he said acknowledging, ‘I grew hatred for BNP because of Tarique.’ However, when he left BNP in 2012, it was not because of ideological conflict but to save himself from corruption cases. 

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