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Brazilian football and Sheikh Hasina`s AL

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Published on : 16 May 2018, 10:01 PM
Brazilian football and Sheikh Hasina`s AL

Many people now compare Awami League with the Brazilian football team. Brazil is the most popular team in the world of football, as Awami League is the most popular party in the political history of Bangladesh. Nobody can deny the contribution of Brazil for increasing the popularity of football, likewise no one can minimize the role of Awami League for making the politics popular among the Bangladeshi people. No one will deny that because of Brazil, football has become popular to the poor and the oppressed people of the third world. Similarly, Awami League has popularized politics among the masses. Even after the exclusive popularity in football, Brazil has become champion for just five times. Many football experts believe that if Brazil were the world champion for 10 times, then it would justify their name. Likewise, Awami League, the party that liberated the country under the leadership of Father of the Nation, was in power for only three and a half periods. In the 70s, Brazil was a symbol of aesthetics in the world football. But after 70s, they could not have won the World Cup for a long period of time. Likewise, despite the huge popularity since the establishment of Awami League, they were in power for only three and a half years (except the United Front government formation in 54). In the 90s, Brazil left their aesthetic strategy in the hope of winning the world cup. They accepted a defensive strategy to win. Likewise, Awami League has become tactical by changing its character to go to power. They have done what it required to go to power. And because of this strategy Awami League has been in power for two consecutive terms. Even they are the most favorite in the case of third consecutive term.

There are many criticisms even within Awami League about such strategy. In particular, Awami League intellectuals alleged that Awami League has turned away from its ideology. Awami League is no more a people’s party; rather it has become a group of businessmen and wealthy people. But the last thing is that the party, formed by the Father of the Nation, has rendered justice to his (Father of the Nation) murders while staying in power. They have implemented the trial of war criminals. They have established Bangladesh as a dignified nation lifting Bangladesh from the list of the LDCs (Lease Developed Countries). The party, since its establishment on June 23, 1949, has been persecuted and oppressed for establishing human rights

Under Sheikh Hasina`s leadership Awami League may not be able to enchant the people today like ‘69 or ‘70. Sheikh Hasina`s Awami League cannot raise the uproar wave of the people like the Father of the nation`s Awami League. But Sheikh Hasina`s Awami League knows the strategy to stay in power. And if there is no power, the dream remains only a dream. And nobody knows it better than the people of Bangladesh. The Father of the Nation could not blossom his dreams despite having huge popularity. But Sheikh Hasina is on the verge of meeting all dreams of Bangabandhu. She is not great like Father of the Nation, she does not have a powerful voice like Father of the Nation, and even she does not possess such hypnotic power like Bangabandhu. But she is a strategic personality. On 17 May 1981, on her return to home, she came to the country with a twinkling dream of fulfilling her father`s incomplete dream. Today, she made that dream a reality. Brazil`s football strategy has changed, winning is now the ultimate goal for them. Likewise, she has dragged Awami League from an oppressed party to a party that stays in power. She is now the nucleus of Awami League. If she had not come on May 17th, would Awami League have ever been able to enjoy this happiness?

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