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Khaleda to get bail?

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Published on : 14 May 2018, 10:00 PM
Khaleda to get bail?

Khulna election will be at the center of everyone`s interest tomorrow (Tuesday). On the other hand, due to the resumption of the quota movement, there will also be anxious attention towards the people’s sufferings. Comparing to this latest news, the bail issue of imprisoned Begum Zia may be seem a bit old. The influential leader who has served as Prime Minister twice, (though BNP claims that she was the PM for three times) is in prison for 96 days. The Supreme Court`s Appellate Division will order her bail order tomorrow (Tuesday). It is also important news among the heavyweight issues of recent days. Although her party leaders think that even if her bail is granted in court, Begum Zia will not be released. Arrest warrants have been issued against her in at least three cases. Now-a-days the BNP leaders gave up hope of her release. But tomorrow`s order is very important to the political observers. If the Appellate Division gives her bail tomorrow, then Begum Zia will get a moral foundation for release. Recently the serious question that has been raised in the political arena is, will Begum Zia get the bail? On 8th and 9th of May, the full bench of the Appellate Division heard the bail petition of Begum Zia. Begum Zia`s lawyers argued for the bail with at least three logics:

1) The High Court granted her bail. The Appellate Division does not usually interfer the order of the High Court in such little (5 years) punishment.

2) Begum Zia is elderly and woman. Above all, she is a former prime minister. She will not run away, so there is no obstacle to grant her bail.

3) Begum Zia is seriously ill. Her treatment is being interrupted. It is possible to arrange her treatment with bail.

On the other hand, the government and the Anti-Corruption Commission-ACC also have three logics against Begum Zia`s bail. These are:

1) Begum Zia has extended this case up to ten years. She stayed abroad for a long time without the permission of the court. If she gets bail then this case will not be settled ever. The state`s statement is that instead of giving bail, the High Court will hear the case quickly. Because if she (Begum Zia) gets bail, she will hinder the trial process.

2) The Judge Court reduced Begum Zia`s sentence considering her age.  So she cannot take an advantage twice.

3) Begum Zia`s illness is not new. The medical board in prison has examined her and referred that she is not seriously ill. So, she cannot get bail on the ground of physical illness.

The court decision will be revealed tomorrow. And the political future of Begum Zia is very much dependent on this decision. If she gets bail then she will get a moral basis for the release and election, and if she does not, maybe it will end her political life.

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