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Mother shares soul with child

Khairunnessa Momen
Published on : 13 May 2018, 04:44 PM
Mother shares soul with child



Thousands of sleepless nights and the tireless efforts of every cell of the brain will not be able to fully elucidate the value of a mother. It is often said that to ensure love and safety for His creation, God created the mother figure.

The style may be somewhat poetic in a way, and many of us, which includes me, will probably fail to realize the true essence of the above words. For me the word `mother` means my life, it means a person for whom I exit here and who kept me in her fancy since her naive girlhood.

My mother, the most darling child of her family, had to come through a tough time to become a mother. Due to some physical complications, her way of attaining motherhood was not very easy. She lost her first two children in a very short span of time. I am her third and first living child who perhaps survived some evil eye. Even after knowing that my birth could put her life in danger, her last statement before entering the operation theater was "Do not think about me, just ensure that my baby is okay."

In every aspect of my life, I find my mother beside me. As my father is a Marine Engineer, most of the time of the year he had to stay abroad. We felt his absence for days. My mother was beside us in those difficult and hard times. In those moments, she alone used to fulfill the responsibilities of both our mother and father.

The wisest teacher, who tried to teach us the greatest traits of human nature through every small task in our daily life, is my mother. She is still teaching us the greatest virtue of life and in this case, I have to say, she is a rigid teacher.

The first person, who honored our dream, is my mother. She allowed us to fly freely because she knew that at the end of the day we came down to her shadow. When we did not even know ourselves, this person understood us at that moment. She knows about our dreams, desires, love, even our limitations, darkness everything. She is our sole companion, the closest to our existence, to whom we can confess everything openly. Even after being mature, the person who appeared in our mind at the moments of joy, pain and great distress after God is my mother. The moment of extreme danger becomes easy and light when my mother comes and takes the steer.

Visibly my mother is a very ordinary person, a kind daughter, a wonderful wife, an efficient housewife. But to us, she is our world, our closest friend, our most trusted companion of countless sleepless nights, the first man to hear and digest all our bold thoughts, our biggest critic, our mentor, guide, our confession box, companion of our dreams. Keeping her in the center, our dreams are rotating in circles.

My expectations in Mother`s Day is, may all mothers of the world remain in good health and receive much love as they deserve.


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