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Why Khaleda ineligible for bail? 

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Published on : 06 May 2018, 10:03 PM
Why Khaleda ineligible for bail? 
The state prosecutor intends to battle against the release of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia during the hearing on her bail in Zia Orphanage Trust graft case on May 8. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) along with the state prosecutor will raise seven points before the court to reject Khaleda`s bail petition. 
Today, the strategist team of government, led by the state prosecutor, prepared the key points of the argument for the hearing of Tuesday

Those points are- 

I) The illness issue of Khaleda Zia is a political statement. The board of country`s renowned doctors checked her health condition before. If it gets necessary, the government will make arrangements for better treatment for her. Therefore, without a proper certificate, there is no chance of claiming Khaleda is ill. The state prosecutors will submit the medical reports of Khaleda’s check-ups to the court. 

II) Their second point is, according to the media, if Khaleda is granted bail, she will go abroad for treatment. Then the proceedings of her case will remain in uncertainty. Their argument is the example of her son Tarique Rahman, who went abroad for medical purposes and since then had not returned. Now, his cases are in a hanging state. Therefore, given to her son’s example, she should not be granted bail.

III) Khaleda is an influential figure, and not to mention, she is the leader of a political party. So, if she gets bail, she might form a movement and through bullying, she might influence the bureaucrat. Therefore, she should not be granted bail. 

IV) This case involves the question of law and security of people’s lives and properties. Once she gets bail, she might choose the path of destruction against the government. 

V) The verdict of this case will also ensure whether Khaleda will join the next general election. She may attempt to foil the election if she gets bail. And, if she is found ineligible for the election, she may attempt to foil the election. 

VI) BNP leaders and activists are saying that they will release Khaleda Zia by producing a mass upsurge. No person, who has faith in rule of law of the country, can distrust the court. This is a contempt of court. Therefore, Khaleda is unable to get bail. 

VII) Khaleda’s son is a fugitive who has been sentenced to 17 years in prison in two cases. Despite the government repeatedly asking him to return home, he has never returned home or surrendered himself to the law. If the mother gets bail, it will be more difficult to bring the Interpol’s red-listed convict back to Bangladesh. 

According to the source of Attorney General’s office, they will add some more points with these main points.

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