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Fear of revolts in BNP`s grassroots

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Published on : 04 May 2018, 10:04 PM
Fear of revolts in BNP`s grassroots

The BNP`s grassroots revolts have become visible. They demand specific programs for the movement and elections to the central leaders. At the same time they have called an urgent meeting of the National Executive Committee to discuss the current situation. The leaders of 36 districts including Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet met with the BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir in different phases, expressed their disappointment and discontent for the directionless leadership. District leaders came to Dhaka over the last month (April) and expressed reaction to the party secretary general. The party secretary general however assured them that very soon he will sit with everyone. The grassroots leaders have basically presented five main questions to the party`s secretary general. These are:

1)Why is there no continuous program to achieve any specific goal for the release of Begum Zia? Because of the scattered programs, the leaders and activists are being attacked by the law enforcers. Arrests and harassment are increasing. Will Begum Zia be released at all?

2)What is the position of the party as to the election? BNP grassroots have sought the answer. If BNP finally goes to the polls, then they have to make a decision now. Otherwise, they cannot fight the organized opponent.

3)Why is there no movement in Dhaka? If there is no movement in Dhaka, will it be possible to have an anti-government movement?

4)There is information reaching the grassroots that central leaders are contacting with the government. To what extent is this news true?

5)It is said Tarique Zia is the acting chairman of the party. If so, then why is his role in decision making not clear? The grassroots want to know how Tarique Zia is leading the party.

According to the sources, the party secretary general answered five questions in his own way. Regarding the release of Begum Zia, BNP secretary general has admitted that the movement is not in the position as it should be. BNP secretary general assured the grassroots leaders of giving clear position about the election very soon. Mirza Fakhrul also acknowledged the failure of the movement in Dhaka. He also assured that efforts will be made after the Eid to do something in Dhaka. However, he has rejected any sort of secret compromise with the government. It is known that Mirza Fakhrul expressed disappointment over Tarique Zia`s leadership. BNP secretary general said, "Tarique Zia is not available for the party as he should have been."

But the grassroots leaders could not be satisfied with the explanation of the BNP secretary general. The grassroots leaders asked to call a National Executive Committee meeting before the Ramadan to hold an open discussion focusing on the overall situation.

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