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PM’s post after resigning from parliament?

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Published on : 16 April 2018, 10:03 PM
PM’s post after resigning from parliament?

To bring Jatiya Party into coalition, BNP is ready to give the Prime Minister position if needed. Such assurance has been made to Jatiya Party`s Co-Chairman GM Quader from London. However, as much as Tarique Zia is interested in the unity with Ershad`s Jatiya Party, BNP leaders are reluctant over this issue. BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir told the party leaders, "Depending on Ershad will be suicidal." Moreover, if unity happens with Ershad, it will be difficult to pull the parties like the Gano Forum, Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh into the alliance. But Tarique Zia wants Ershad at any price. However, a source from BNP said, it is actually a strategy to approach Ershad. The BNP has adopted this strategy to snatch the Jatiya Party from the ruling Awami League. Especially Tarique Zia`s main goal is to encourage Jatiya Party’s ministers and MPs to resign. Then this parliament will become meaningless. So many BNP leaders have been meeting with Jatiya Party leader GM Quader several times. In those meetings, the first condition of the unity was as such that the MPs of Jatiya Party would resign from Parliament. Although Jatiya Party`s GM Quader is positive about resignation, Rowshan Ershad is not in favor of it. And most of the MPs are in the side of Rowshan Ershad. However, the BNP has continued offering different types of baits to bring the Jatiya Party on its favor. Recently, Ershad asked GM Quader, how many seats will be left if he joins the alliance with BNP. GM Quader told this to two BNP leaders. The two leaders contacted London. It has been said from London, Ershad should tell how many seats he wants. Then on Pahela Baishakh, Ershad claimed 70 seats and 12 ministers. After this open claim of Ershad, Tarique Zia said that if all the MPs of Jatiya Party resign from the Parliament at the same time before the budget session, then 70 seats even including the Prime Minister’s post will be given to the Jatiya Party.

BNP sources said, the prime minister post has been baiting for Rowshan Ershad. Because Ershad will not be the prime minister. He said he will not take any position except the President. Therefore, Rowshan Ershad and GM Quader are the claimant for the post of prime minister from the Jatiya Party. So, the BNP is making such a proposal by thinking that it can be lucrative to Rowshan Ershad in return of resigning from Parliament

But the political observers said that the main ideas of both the parties, BNP and Jatiya Party, are about cheating and lying. The two parties are cheating with each other. Ultimately, the Jatiya Party-BNP alliance will not be formed, and Jatiya Party’s MPs will not resign in the end.

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