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Problematic 100 seats for AL

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Published on : 14 April 2018, 10:02 PM
Problematic 100 seats for AL
Nomination of Awami League (AL) for the eleventh general election of the country is being finalized. At least 170 candidates have been given the ‘green signal’. The nomination of 130 constituencies is yet to be finalized because of some strategic considerations and discussing seat sharing issue with the 14-party alliance partners. Sources in AL have said, the party wants to settle everything before the Ramadan. For this reason, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will begin the finalization process after she gets back from her Australia and New Zealand tour. She is expected to hold a meeting with the 14-party alliance in early May. Sources in AL have said that the party has something bigger than the nomination. According to them, half of the AL lawmakers of the 10th parliament will not be nominated. Therefore, PM will talk personally with them and let them know that if the party wins, they will be rewarded. This initiative was taken to stop internal feud of AL. She will also warn of the consequences if they plot against the ‘boat’ symbol. 
She is expected to hold talks with the 14-party partners in the holy month of Ramadan. Sources are saying that according to the survey, the partners deserve to get maximum 20 seats and so, they will be proposed to share 20-30 seats. After finalizing the seat sharing issue with the partners, AL will finalize the nomination of the 100 seats.

An influential leader who was involved with the survey has said that in the 100 seats, AL will bring no change which is an open secret. For example, the three seats of the  party president, and the seats of Tofail Ahmed, Amir Hossain Amu, Matia Chowdhury, Syed Ashraf and Mohammed Nasim. There is no feud in these seats. The leader has said, new names will be announced for the remaining 70 seats. He further said that although there are new names, they are not new faces and have high social status. They are renowned doctors, former army officers, senior retired police officers, bureaucrats, sportspersons and cultural personalities. These candidates have acceptability in their respective areas. 
Therefore, it is safe to say that no conflict will rise against them. The AL leader has said, ‘We are worried about the 130 seats. 20, 30 or even more will be shared with our alliance partners. It will surely create some problems for us. AL never wants another party to contest in the election with the boat symbol.’ 

There is also a conflict between the current AL candidates and expected candidates in the 100 seats. There are more than one group of AL in these areas. Therefore, the 100 seats are posing problems for AL. But, the senior leaders of AL believe, the party president Sheikh Hasina will finalize the 100 names for these seats which will be done before the Ramadan. Because, if it is not finalized now, the feud will increase in future.

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