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Why are they silent?

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Published on : 11 April 2018, 10:04 PM
Why are they silent?
The Prime Minister is vocal about the quota reform movement. Today she has spent most of her time over this issue. In the afternoon, she also made an emotional statement on it in parliament. A huffy PM said, "There is no need to keep quotas." From the very first day, the Prime Minister is aware of this movement. To send back the students home she worked hard. The Road Transport and Bridges minister and general secretary of the Awami League Obaidul Quader and Awami League joint general secretary Jahangir Kabir Nanak are supporting the Prime Minister actively. It clearly shows that the Awami League government is facing quota reform movement issue politically. But the matter is not just political. It is also associated with administrative and legal aspects. Although the Prime Minister has political will about quota reform movement, the administration`s silence is noticeable.

The `quota` in the government service is directly related to the Public Administration Ministry. The minister of this ministry is Syed Ashraful Islam who is the presidium member of Awami League. He is the backer of party`s tough times. Aftar Sheikh Hasina, Syed Ashraf`s credibility is probably the highest among the Awami League leaders. Not only the Awami League has confidence on him but the common people also believed in Syed Ashraf during Hefazat rampage and other crises. But there is no such statement of the Public Administration minister in this crisis. Most of the Awami League workers thought if Syed Ashraf had met with the protesters instead of Obaidul Quader, it would have been meaningful. Many questions are raising as to his silence.

Former bureaucrat HT Imam was the Prime Minister`s Public Administration Advisor in the previous term. In the second term, HT Imam has been made the Prime Minister`s political adviser. He still interferes in the administrative matters. He was a Cabinet Secretary for a long time. Imam could have played an important role in this movement. Even if the issue is seen from political considerations, then HT Imam could have played an important role. But we have not seen any role of HT Imam till now.

Legal issue is also an important matter on the quota reform issue. According to our constitution, the backward people, women and the disabled shall have special benefits. What is the legal interpretation of the quota reform? We did not get any statement of Law and Justice Minister Advocate Anisul Huq yet in this matter.

The question has arisen within Awami League and among the general peolle, why are these three important persons of the government silent?

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