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Contentment in Awami League, divide in BNP

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Published on : 10 April 2018, 10:02 PM
Contentment in Awami League, divide in BNP

After the announcement of the nomination in Gazipur and Khulna, Awami League seems to have been unified, and on the other hand BNP has been divided. After the announcement of the name of the candidates of the two main parties for the mayor post in Gazipur and Khulna City elections, Awami League`s over excitement and BNP`s disappointment were noticed.

Jahangir Alam bagged Awami League`s nomination for the Gazipur City Corporation. Awami League has attracted ordinary voters by choosing young candidates like Jahangir Alam instead of a candidate like AzmatUllah,who is popular and honest in the party. Azmat Ullah is dedicated to Awami League. Even after not getting the nomination he instructed not to bring division in the party. He ordered the workers to work for AL’s symbol (boat). An influential Awami League leader said, "Azmat Ullah is not the person to bring division in the party. The result would have been the opposite if he were nominated by the party. It is because Jahangir Alam has a different group outside the party. They would not accept such nomination. They do not work for AL, rather they work for Jahangir." A local leader said, "There is another ‘league’ outside Awami League in Gazipur and that is Jahangir League.`` So by nominating Jahangir AL is getting the party and the Jahangir League at the same time. Meanwhile, BNP has the opposite situation. In 2014, Abdul Mannan got the ticket of BNP in Gazipur. Surprisingly he defeated Azmat Ullah with more than one lac votes. After being the mayor, several cases were filed against him amd was ultimately removed him from the post. Later he got back his post appealing in the High Court. He could not do much development as the mayor. Many of Gazipur think that he could not work due to the government’s non-cooperation. As a result, the general people have a different kind of sympathy for him. Besides, Mannan family has a different zone in Gazipur. The dispute between Mannan and Hasanuddin Sarker in Gazipur is long and old. With the nomination of Hasanuddin Sarker, many people think that the followers of Abdul Mannan will walk in the opposite direction in the election. In particular, Abdul Mannan has different gratitude towards Jahangir Alam. Jahangir formed a separate party in previous election after not getting the nomination from Awami League. Awami League had become divided because of Jahangir, and it helped Mannan win the election.Will Mannan repay the debt of Jahangir?

Awami League seems to be plagued by quarrels in Khulna. That is why Talukder Abdul Khalek bought the form for the party nomination. The Prime Minister and the party president nominated him. As a result, the opponents have become silent. On the other hand, BNP candidate Maniruzzaman Moni won the election by surprising everyone. He also spent 5 years fighting like the mayor of Gazipur. So this time his nomination was expected. Though Moni is not popular within the party, he has popularity outside the party. Many of them are not likely to support the candidate nominated by the party. Especially, there is such criticism that the BNP nominated candidate Nazrul Islam Manju is too much party centred.

So Awami League has entered the battlefield from an advantageous position in both the cities. However, time will say how long it can hold on such advantage.

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