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Quota 56, Merit 44

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Published on : 09 April 2018, 10:19 PM
Quota 56, Merit 44

Students are protesting for the reformation of the existing quota system in various government recruitments. Many students were injured in the clashes that took place across the country. Many who do not know about the quota system have raised a question, what is the quota system?

The offspring of freedom fighters has 30 percent quota whereas 10 percent is for the district quota, 10 percent for the women quota, 5 percent quota for the ethnic communities and 1 percent for the people with disabilities. In total, 56 percent jobs are reserved for them.

Many have little knowledge about the district quota system. According to the number of population of a district, the quota ratio is determined. Currently, the Dhaka district gets the highest of 8.36 percent quota and the people of Bandarban gets only 0.27 percent. According to the census of 2001, the government fixed the quota on December 20, 2009.

According to the fifth census, the population of the country was 15,25,18,015. Of them, 15,86,141 belonged to the ethnic groups and 20,16,612 are with disability. And, according to the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs, the number of freedom fighters in the country is about 2,00,000.

According to the statistics, the quota is reserved for the 1.10 percent ethnic people and for 0.13 percent freedom fighters the quota is 30 percent.

The quota system was introduced in Bangladesh to honor the contribution of the freedom fighters and help them who lagged behind. In 28th BCS, 658 people were recruited on merit and 813 were recruited on the privilege allocated under various quotas; in the 23th BCS, 415 were recruited on merit and 792 on quotas; in 30th BCS, 765 was recruited on merit and 778 on quotas; in 31th BCS, 761 were recruited on merit and 763 on quotas and on 32th BCS, 912 were recruited on merit and 1125 were on quotas.

Most of the public university students come from common families of different regions. Most of them dream of BCS or intend to do government jobs. But, when they complete their education after the session jam, they find out that 56 percent seats are already reserved. In the face of huge competition, government job becomes a precious thing to them. In the 38th BCS Preliminary Examination, 3,89,000 applications were submitted. Only 16,000 students pass this exam and qualify for the next written and oral tests. Despite all the uncertainty, they want the facilities, security, power and high standard of life through government jobs.

The number of unemployed educated persons is growing at an alarming rate in the country. Only for getting a government job, many wait years after years and take preparation for the examination. In such condition, the students and job seekers are protesting across the country to reform the existing quota system.

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