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What is Tarique Zia doing? 

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Published on : 07 April 2018, 10:00 PM
What is Tarique Zia doing? 
BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia completes her two months in jail. On February 8 last, before she was put behind the bars, the party announced Tarique Rahman as its acting chairperson. Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul said in a press conference that BNP is running at the direction of Tarique. Then, Tarique addressed the meeting over the phone with BNP’s standing committee members and the professionals present there. However, just after two weeks, the senior leaders started avoiding Tarique. One of the biggest reasons behind this was the objection of the internal community as to Tarique. BNP leaders held meeting with the embassy officials in three phases where the name of Tarique Rahman produced negative remarks. Is this why BNP avoiding Tarique? While talking to BNP leaders, they said that this is one of the most significant reasons behind avoiding Tarique. However, this is not the main reason. Sources in BNP said that the court, movement, or compromise, none is the right path to Khaleda’s release. They need ‘something else’. There is still no clear understanding what that is. However, many BNP leaders can assume ‘something else’.   
Just two days ago, Tarique talked with a senior BNP leader over the phone who wanted to know what kind of program the party should announce. Tarique said, ‘Do whatever you are supposed to, I am doing mine.’ So, what is Tarique doing? BNP leaders are speechless on this. A BNP leader said, ‘Tarique did not talk about BNP’s movement in the past 30 days.’ According to him, whenever he was asked about the movement, Tarique replied, ‘Do, whatever you want to do.’ The political analysts said that the sudden silence of Tarique is alarming. His silence means something ‘horrible’ is going to happen because Tarique believes in a different form of politics. Sources in Intelligence Agency said that there may be a possibility of Tarique doing something leaving the conventional means of democracy. Recently, several meetings have been held at national and international levels. Many believe that this was done as part of conspiring against Bangladesh. Tarique Rahman’s conversation with BNP leaders only makes the suspicion more solid. A few days ago, a young leader asked Tarique over the phone if the party should prepare for the election. Tarique replied, ‘See, what happens before the election.’ 

Political analysts said that the sudden decision of halting the movement, participating in the city corporation election and lawyers’ silence on Khaleda’s bail raise only the suspicion. Just like before a cyclone hits, the environment becomes silence, BNP seems to be unusually silent. Intelligence agencies think, Tarique is not planning for movement but plotting for a sabotage behind the curtain. Intelligence agencies have acquired relevant information to support such suspicion. 

While investigating on Tarique in London, it has been found that he is holding meetings with some unknown people of Pakistan and middle-eastern countries. But he does not meet with his party supporters. Is there going to be another incident like August 21 in Bangladesh?  

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