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Sheikh Hasina wants to minus Khaleda?

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Published on : 06 April 2018, 10:00 PM
Sheikh Hasina wants to minus Khaleda?

BNP chairperson has been sentenced in the Zia Orphanage Trust money embezzlement case. But attempts are being made to give `political cover` to the court verdict. BNP and a section of civil society say that to keep Begum Zia away from politics she has been arrested. They said it without any cover that it is the government`s minus formula. Begum Zia has been imprisoned for two months. During this period, black clouds of uncertainty have been gripping her political life. The question arises whether Begum Zia can stay in the field of politics at all. The question arises--who wants to minus her?

Many people in the discussion table, in the talk show of the intellectuals and in a domestic chat--everywhere it is often said that the Prime Minister would remove her main rival from politics. Sheikh Hasina organizes all this so that Begum Zia cannot participate in the upcoming parliamentary election. These words seem very fascinating. But after analyzing the logic of the argument, these words seem to be irrational. The reasons behind it are many. First, Sheikh Hasina is the most popular leader of Bangladesh at the moment. There is no one near her in terms of popularity. The feud between the PM and Begum Zia is very old. Since 1983 they have enmity between them. Sheikh Hasina created anti-Ershad movement. But Khaleda Zia has taken the result of that movement. About half of the time of politics, Sheikh Hasina had to struggle opposite the upstream. The nominal mainstream media was always vocal against Sheikh Hasina, where they fascinated Khaleda Zia. The renowned media house and reputed civil society do not see the dark side of Begum Zia. From such an adverse situation, Sheikh Hasina has come to a unique height just by her honesty, devotion and love for the people. So, she wants to participate in the eleven national election with Begum Zia. She wants to see what will happen with such appreciation of the mass. So why would she lose the opportunity to take such a sweet revenge?

Secondly, by analyzing Sheikh Hasina`s politics, it shows that she loves to take the challenges. She never used the shortcut method for success. Rather, she chose the hard path of truth and devotion. Sheikh Hasina wants to become the prime minister for the third time by defeating Khaleda again, not by excluding her.

Thirdly, Sheikh Hasina knows very well, BNP is now the main party of anti-liberation forces. Begum Zia is the leader of the war criminals and opponents of independence. So if the people do not defeat her, then this energy will never die. Rather they will become more powerful. Therefore, Sheikh Hasina will not take any strategy to keep Begum Zia away from the election.

Fourthly; Sheikh Hasina herself was a victim of minus formula. She knows that nobody except the people can minus anyone from politics. For this reason, Sheikh Hasina never believes in `minus formula`.

Whether Begum Zia can participate in the poll is entirely under Court`s jurisdiction. But if Begum Zia is finally able to participate and does not act like 2014, then Sheikh Hasina will be the happiest. Because if the war criminals and the anti-liberation forces get defeated in the next election, then the curse of Bangladesh will be over. Politics will be pure. Only the believers of our great Liberation War will have the floor to do politics. Will Sheikh Hasina not take such challenges?

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