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Why 20-party breaking apart?

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Published on : 04 April 2018, 10:02 PM
Why 20-party breaking apart?

It is now a matter of time for the 20-party alliance to witness its splitting. Speculations are mounting up in the political arena regarding the question, why the long-standing party alliance is splitting up. The partners of the alliance are saying that BNP is ignoring and neglecting them. On the other hand, BNP is saying that their existence is questionable without BNP.

Bangla Insider investigated the roots of the disunity, distrust, and disagreement among the 20-party partners and came up with five solid grounds why the 20-party is breaking up.

  1. Khaleda Zia was the undisputed leader of the alliance. After her imprisonment on February 8 last, the situation became complicated about the leadership. There are many leaders in the 20-party alliance who are far more experienced than any of the BNP leaders. For instance, there is Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad, the leader of Liberal Democratic Party of Bangladesh (LDP), who once was a senior leader in BNP. Except Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar, all other leaders in BNP are junior to Oli Ahmad. After the imprisonment of Khaleda Zia, a meeting of 20-party alliance was held where Colonel Oli came out as the decision maker while discussing issues. BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul and other leaders are thinking that if the 20-party alliance remains active then the leadership of the alliance will go to the hands of popular leaders like Oli Ahmad, Syed Muhammad Ibrahim or Barrister Andaleeve Rahman. This is a significant cause to keep the alliance inactive.

  2. The 20-party alliance partners have been informed that BNP is in secret negotiation with the government. Many of them are also aware that BNP is preparing themselves for the upcoming general election of the country in the backdrop of political movement. Therefore, the leaders of the alliance want to decide how many seats they are to get. Many have said that BNP is playing hide and seek to deceive them.

  3. There is international pressure on BNP to leave Jamaat-e-Islami. The United States, United Kingdom, European Union and India are repeatedly telling BNP to follow the footsteps of democracy and for this they have to leave the Jamaat. Again, without Jamaat, the 20-party alliance would be meaningless. BNP is interested to form a right and liberal alliance where Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh, Nagorik Oikya, Gano Forum, Krishak Sramik Party will be its partners. However, they will not be the partners of the 20-party alliance until Jamaat is in the alliance. For this reason, BNP has given up on the idea of 20-party alliance.

  4. BNP is secretly holding talks with the government for a compromise. BNP does not want any other party to get involved as the confidentiality will be ruined and the partners will demand more from BNP.

  5. There are many in the alliance who are working as agents of the government. They have finalized the terms of the deal. It is better to deactivate the alliance than splitting the alliance in question of election, according to many BNP leaders. Many fear that the partners will end up becoming deceivers.

These are the five causes why the 20-party alliance is inactive. It is just matter of time for the formal announcement.

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