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How Khaleda’s political life to end

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Published on : 03 April 2018, 10:00 PM
How Khaleda’s political life to end

It is fair to say that the political life of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia is on the fringe. However, it remains undecided where she will end up when the nation will celebrate the general election in a festive manner. She may remain in jail, stay in the country after getting released or she may stay abroad. At this moment, Khaleda wishes to go abroad and take medical treatment as long as it requires. There is negotiation ongoing on the backdrop of this incident. It becomes understandable after observing the two incidents—Khaleda’s sudden sickness and government’s approach toward this.

Political analysts are saying that the first stage of a compromise is visible. People now believe that Khaleda has fallen sick. Therefore, she needs to go abroad for better medical treatment, which is the second stage. In the first stage, a 4-member medical board was formed according to the recommendation of the civil surgeon. The medical board prescribed medicines to Khaleda after examining her condition. The script of this whole play included that Khaleda would not accept the recommendation and ask for her own doctors, which she has already asked for. The jail authority has now sought her choice regarding the physicians. Within a day or two, the list will reach the hands of the jail authority. It is speculated that the government will allow Khaleda’s health checkups by her preferred doctors. An influential leader of Awami League (AL) said, ‘It is a very sensitive matter. When our leader (Sheikh Hasina) was arrested during the era of one-eleven, she was allowed to avail services from her own doctors.’ After getting such permission, what the doctors of Khaleda will say is not hard to deduce. They will say, ‘Khaleda Zia’s health is not good. At any moment, her health may deteriorate severely. She has been treated in Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom before, so we must send her abroad as soon as possible.’ After getting the health certificate, the lawyers of Khaleda will go to the High Court and plea, ‘Khaleda Zia must be sent abroad immediately for her treatment.’ After the argument in court, the judge will grant her parole and she will go abroad.

Just like BNP participated in the city corporation election as part of its movement, once again, the party will participate the election without its party chairperson. And Tarique would run his nomination businesses from London. Eventually, Tarique would stash a huge amount of money in his bag and then start the movement game again. Moreover, he would snatch away Khaleda’s residue of authority over the party that was left in her.

After Khaleda was convicted in the Zia Orphanage graft case, the plot of Khaleda’s end was hatched in this way. Her political life may end in this manner. However, the implementation of a planning is not always certain. Therefore, the question is, can Khaleda change the whole planning of the government? 

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