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Khaleda`s imprisonment increased PM`s popularity

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Published on : 01 April 2018, 10:02 PM
Khaleda`s imprisonment increased PM`s popularity

People of the country are divided over the issue of imprisonment of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia. About 41% people believe that the decision of Khaled’s imprisonment is correct whereas 39% think it as a wrong move by the government. Other 20% people remain undecided on this. 

However, it is true that after the imprisonment of Khaleda Zia, the acceptability rating of PM has climbed up. In 2017, 67% of people believed that Sheikh Hasina was running the country in the right way. Now, the percentage has increased by 6, which means 73% people of the country now believe that Sheikh Hasina is leading the country in the right way. A survey, which was funded by the European Union, has revealed this information recently. German farm Forsa Institute directed the survey. In this survey, the opinion of two thousand people of four divisional cities-Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, and Khulna- was taken. 1,073 male persons and 927 female persons took part in that survey. To understand the political trends in Bangladesh, the European Union conducted the survey. It would help them design their policies on different issues.

According to the survey of Forsa, 58% people of the country believe that there lies political motivation behind the imprisonment of Khaleda Zia. 31% people believe that she has been imprisoned as part of the legal procedure. Other 11% people did not comment on this.

The survey further reveals that 48% people of the country believe that Khaleda’s political life has ended after her imprisonment. 43% people believe that her political life does not end here and 9% did not comment on this.

After the imprisonment of Khaleda Zia, 71% people of the country are happy with the response of BNP. However, 28% people remain unhappy with this. 87%, who are happy with such reaction from BNP, said that they are happy because BNP did not declare any violent program and burn down people or vandalize vehicles. 70% of the unhappy people said that BNP should have declared tougher programs.

While answering the question of whether BNP will take part in the next general election, 51% people replied positively, 42% negatively and 7% believe the time has not yet come to answer the question.

According to sources of European Union, this survey will be used only to serve their purpose only. They did not allow any political influence in this survey.

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